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3 Ways To Become A Super Affiliate!

by Larry Dotson August 16, 2003
1.Community Marketing. Participate on web discussion boards. Post your comments, answer other people's questions, and ask your own questions.

3 Buying Incentives That Sell!

by Larry Dotson July 28, 2003
Allow people to make money reselling the product or service. Tell people they can join your affiliate program if they order.

Your Personal Trademark

by Marcia Yudkin July 02, 2003
For novelist Tom Wolfe, it's a dazzling white suit, regardless of the weather or season.

Words Sell

by Bob Osgoodby July 02, 2003
They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. While this may be true if the picture is a schematic of a complicated gizmo you're trying to put together, it is hardly the case when it comes to your ads.

Common Decency....Let's Keep it Alive!

by Terri Seymour July 01, 2003
I recently had an experience with one of the affiliate programs I *was* involved with. This experience did not surprise me, but did however, disappoint me. It is a sad fact that it did not surprise me and I thought maybe an article on this subject might bring it to our attention.

3 Customer Retention Secrets!

by Larry Dotson July 01, 2003
Give your customers more than they expect. Send thank you gifts to lifetime customers. E-mail them online greeting cards on holidays or birthdays. You could always send a back-end product offer with any contact you make. Award bonuses or points to your customers who make big purchases.

What's Wrong With My Ad?

by Jonathan Gray June 30, 2003
Are you frustrated with your ad response?In desperation I rang a friend who had 5 websites raking in thousands a month.

How One Hypnotic Story Brought 15 Automatons to My Door

by Joe Vitale June 30, 2003
An automaton is a mechanical device that imitates life. Think of them as early robots. In the middle of the eighteenth century, automatons were all the rage: Mechanical ducks and elephants, pictures with moving parts, even human androids that could write, draw, and play musical instruments.

What do people want online?

by Jay Conrad Levinson June 24, 2003
Itís not what you think it is. What people want online is a question guerrillas ask themselves a lot. Whether itís for fun or work or something else, understanding a consumerís motives once he or she logs on is a necessity. But the experts donít seem to agree on what people want.

Making Your Website Sell

by Kyle Smith May 28, 2003
Optimizing your website to sell is a very important part of doing business on the internet. Promoting your site is the easy part, but once a visitor surfs onto your webpage, what then?

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