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How Can You Sustain Your E-commerce Customers?

by Saurabh Kumar Kumar July 12, 2016
As the saying goes “Customers are the ultimate owners of brand” therefore, being a businessman you have to look into your customer’s interests and desires and captivate them, by all possible ways.

Mobility solutions – No more an option, but an imperative

by Aakash Kumar Singh November 27, 2014
Mobility no more remains an option for business enterprises; rather it has become a necessity! One of the major driving forces behind this necessity is the fact that the number of mobile device users are steadily rising and companies need to find better and engaging ways to retain their customers.

Top 10 Smartphones October 2014

by Md Humayun Kabir October 07, 2014
There are lots of smartphone available in the market. Every device is different to each other. Some device provides all kinds of features you want. We judge any android smartphone or ios smartphone according its features and performance. We have analyzed the features of some cool smartphones both of Android and ios. Based on our analysis today we are going to share top 10 smartphone 2014 [October edition].

How to Pinpoint Your Prospects' Pain Points

by Sydni Craig-Hart July 03, 2014
Ka-boom! You've just had a brilliant idea for a new product. You rush to get all your ideas down on paper, shell out thousands to your web designer, and start building a new business that you're sure is going to change lives (not to mention make you a millionaire!)

Change of Concept in Press Release Writing for Search Engine Optimization

by Ezhile kala Mary February 12, 2013
While press releases have been very effective in search engine optimization all through, the concept has completely changed in recent times.

How to Look For Bulk Email Services Provider Good Higher Response Rates

by Febbe Freeman February 21, 2011
You go for bulk email marketing as one of the marketing strategies since you wanted to reach more prospects. However, reaching them in such a way that you will generate sales leads after few days or hours of sending emails to various recipients can also be tough when you failed to use the most reliable bulk email service provider.

Counting Benefits of Banner Ads on the Web

by Daniel Hopper February 10, 2011
This helps in increasing your brand's presence over the Internet which is important since only then would people come across and get to know about your company.

Internet Evolution with Clipta Video Search Engine

by Subhash Kandpal January 06, 2010
The world is constantly changed and shaped by its people. Throughout our history we have evolved and improved with every generation. Sharing knowledge and information has boosted our development greatly. "Learn from one neighbor only to teach the other" has been an unspoken practice throughout the world, leading united nations to further develop themselves, while leaving secluded nations relatively without progress.

Target Pay Per Click Advertising and Increasing Efficiency

by Graham Durose December 22, 2008
There are many free tools to mix keywords with another variable, they don't address the tricky issue of building unique landing pages.

Master Resale Rights As A Legitimate Web Business

by Noah Ulrich April 27, 2006
Master Resale Rights to popular ebooks, software, and information products is quickly becoming a consideration for every web business owner looking to increase online profits.

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