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New Yelp Feature Emphasizes Need for Local Businesses to Control Their Online Identity

by Blake Jonathan Boldt February 20, 2014
Yelp matches reviews and photos contributed by the same user for the same business. Then, these items will be displayed together on the business’s Yelp page.

Who's Saying Bad Things About Your Business Online?

by Blake Jonathan Boldt August 12, 2013
A recent study sheds new light on negative reviews, finding that in fact, the majority of negative online postings came from people who have no contact with the product whatsoever.

Social Campaign on Social Networking Websites

by Halabol Team April 23, 2013
During the last few years, social campaign on social media or "social networking" websites has become quite popular. These websites have become part of our daily lives and being tossed around over the past few years.

How The Utilization Of Mobile Application Development Is Altering Consumer Perception

by Lee Norman November 11, 2011
While a business is seeking to take a good advantage of the possibilities that exists with mobile application development, they are typically trying to accomplish a certain number of goals.

Is Google Docs better than Microsoft Office Live Workspace ?

by Lalit yadav yadav June 16, 2008
The article summarizes the various categories which Google Docs have better than MS Live Workspce. Google Docs is offering many utilities against MS Live Workspace.

The Truth About Google Black Book

by Gerard Espinas September 25, 2007
This articles is a short product review of the e-book "The Google Black Book". The book is intended for those people that is new to affiliates marketing and wannabe, Adword Publishers, and Internet Marketeers.

Selling Globally through a B2B Exchange

by Nowshade Kabir February 05, 2005
Participation in B2B Exchanges is increasingly becoming one of the fastest growing marketing methods for businesses looking for augmenting their client base beyond their local markets.

A Fresh Look At Online Auctions!

by A. T. Rendon October 19, 2003
In a recent report, Forrester Research, http://www.forrester.com/, has come up with some interesting figures on auctions online.

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