Learn Top Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Skills in the Toronto SEO Mastery Workshop, October 11 - 15

Two well-respected search engine marketing industry leaders, Robin Nobles and John Alexander will conduct their SEO Mastery Workshop in Toronto, Ontario on October 11 thru 15. This workshop offers personalized, step by step, hands-on SEO training, which t

Toronto, ON (PRWEB) August 23, 2004 -- Robin Nobles and John Alexander are International educators who have attracted attendees from locations around the world, to attend their private, limited enrollment, search engine workshops.

John Alexander, Co-Director of Training and Education for http://www.SearchEngineWorkshops.com explained that "One of the reasons people come to our workshop, is because they need to master real search engine optimization (SEO) skills in the minimum amount of time. For this reason, we've reduced the complete learning process down to a 5-Day workshop which is also then followed by a 6 month mentoring program."

John added that "Some people come from as far away as Belgium, Italy, Israel, UK, and across the United States and Canada to learn top search engine placement skills with us. Many people have Web sites, but often they need some help along the way when it comes to learning how to get legitimate traffic to their Web site."

Alexander explains, "The people who attend our search engine workshops are usually in one of two groups. We have people who are business owners and are focused on learning the SEO skills to increase their visibility to their Web site. Then we have the professionals, (those who perform search engine marketing as a business service to others) who come to us on a regular basis just to keep their skills up to speed. They may come to a workshop once or more per year just to keep up with the very latest changes."

"Regardless of their type of background, they all have one thing in common. They are all very serious about their Web business and they all need to get results in the minimal amount of learning time. It is for this reason we limit our enrollment to smaller numbers, so that we can interface with each participant and work with them on building true SEO skills. Each attendee is evaluated every day to ensure they understand each step of the process. By the end of day 5, we have students in excellent shape to return to their office with genuine skills, which they can begin to use immediately to make an impact on their search engine visibility. We also include a 6-month mentoring program to offer ongoing support so if the student feels they need some extra assistance to make the best use of their talents, we are there for them."

Our 5-Day SEO Mastery Workshop students tend to do extremely well if they follow the techniques and methods that we personally teach them in class. Most people are excited to learn how quickly you can make a difference in your Web site with a little practice and that's what we give them is lots of practice.

In summary, John Alexander states, "The essential thing for everyone to understand is that you never ever need to try and trick or cheat any search engine. We do not teach tricks because you don't need to be sneaky to gain top visibility on major search engines. What we do teach you is exactly how to build true relevancy into your Web site. Our techniques and methods offer students true understanding into exactly how search engines work and so, by building strategies that involve top content of exceptional value and true relevancy, everyone is happy."

1. The search engines are happy because your pages are "truly relevant" for the search terms being used.
2. The searcher (or online customer) is happy because they can find what they want much easier in a search.
3. The Web site owner is much happier because they are not only getting top exposure for their Web sites, but they're doing real business online.

"We teach many other important topics in the workshop which as far as I know, are not taught anywhere else."

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John Alexander is the Co-Director of Training of Search Engine Workshops with Robin Nobles. Together, they teach 2-day beginner, 3-day advanced, and 5-day all-inclusive "hands on" search engine marketing workshops http://www.searchengineworkshops.com in locations across the globe. John also teaches online search engine marketing courses through http://www.onlinewebtraining.com, and he's a member of Wordtracker's http://www.wordtracker.com/moreinfo.html official question support team. John has written the world famous e-guide Wordtracker Magic at http://www.wordtracker-magic.com and Co-authored the TNT Guide at http://www.tnt-guide.com