Web-Kare Expands Service Offerings

September 01, 2004 - Web-Kare, LLP, known for its Search Engine Optimization and Positioning programs, has once again expanded their service offerings. A little over a year ago the company added sponsored ad placement campaign management services which have proven to be exceptional programs for their clients by helping to stabilize site visibility. The addition of these campaigns ensured that their clients' sites appeared in top positions at the major search engines no matter what algorithm the search engines may be using.

Recognizing that the Internet is still the most cost-effective way to market and answering the demand from current client, Web-Kare has just added more expansive services such as E-mail marketing, press release optimization and submission programs, online newsletter programs, and multimedia presentation services. With these added services, the company feels that it is now positioned to offer full-service Internet marketing campaigns.

"As more and more of our clients began to ask about additional services, it became clear that they were looking for someone to take over marketing and promoting their Web site because they lacked the time or skill to do so themselves, They wanted someone to take over that responsibility and simply report the results back to them," explained Mary Ann Wells, Sr. Partner of the firm.

For more information about these programs, please visit their web site at www.web-kare.com

About Web-Kare, LLP
Web-Kare is an Internet marketing company specializing in small to midsize businesses. Industrial web sites has been their specialty since they first opened their doors in 1998. This contract for promoting Iceland Rovers is their first contract in the European tourist market.