Instant Messaging Launches New Product for Businesses

October 14, 2004 - (PromotionWorld) - Instant Messaging, long the communication medium of excited teenagers and lonely Internet hearts has now forged a home in the business sector. eSite Media Inc announced today the launch of Jabbix Messenger, a secure, web-based Instant Messaging (IM) system based on Jabber Technology designed specifically for business.

"Security is their biggest concern. Most companies won't allow employees to download traditional Instant Messaging software because it can expose their networks to viruses and hackers," said Stephen O'Hearn, Manager of Client Service. "Jabbix is unique because it's web-based, there's nothing to download, therefore no security concerns."

"Corporate instant messaging in many instances is better than e-mail for business, with Jabbix, the response is immediate and free flowing, much like a conversation," said O'Hearn. Jabbix Messenger also allows colleagues to see who's available and who's not based on a technical process called Presence. "With Jabbix you don't have to wait for that return phone call or e-mail, you can tell immediately whether your contact is available and get your answers fast."

An added feature of Jabbix is its unique ability to seamlessly communicate with contacts on all four proprietary IM networks. "From our research we found customers want interoperabilty, they want to be able to use one messaging platform to access all their contacts. So we made sure they could."

Jabbix is offered both as a hosted service and a standalone product. Hosted business packages start at $19.95 per month the standalone product is due to ship in late October.