Search Startup Clush Launches New Search Technology With LMS

Silicon Valley, CA - October 15, 2004 - Using LMS allows Clush to present the true meaning of a Search query without ever using link popularity. An example of this can be seen by entering the word 'virus' into the search box at

The search query 'virus'in search engines using link popularity algorithms produce results centering on anti-virus software because their algorithm is driven by the large amount of commercial anti-virus software links. Clush's LMS (Likely Meaning Score) yields results on biological viruses first, due to the higher probability of being related to biology rather than computer software. Computer virus and anti-virus (software) are, however, displayed among's clustered results.

"This gives the searcher a more natural or Human search result", says Sheffield Nolan, CEO. "Clush can deliver the true meaning of the search query without having the query being manipulated by Link Popularity algorithms. We are extremely excited with LMS technology and Clush will fully exploit the benefits."

LMS offers each user an optimum search experience and is a complimentary companion with Word Clusters. The combination of LMS (Likely Meaning Score) and Clustering is formidable and helps users pinpoint exactly what they are looking for in the least amount of time.