Thousands of People Take Paid Surveys Online

October 26, 2004 - (PromotionWorld) - Intense corporate competition and billion dollar advertising budgets spells good news to thousands of people who take paid surveys online. With the popularity of the internet, paid surveys online have become a primary way for marketing research firms to gauge public opinion about products and services - and a way for survey participants to get paid in return. Cash, gift vouchers, discount coupons, sweepstake entries and even sample products are offered to people for participating in these online paid surveys.

"Taking paid surveys online is an ideal opportunity for people looking to boost their monthly incomes," said Joel Vincent, who has been taking paid surveys online for many years. Paid surveys have been a part of consumer research for decades, but the internet has accelerated the process, and companies can now gather public perceptions of their products and services instantly by offering paid surveys online. The data can then be easily tabulated by such factors as geographical location, gender and age, enabling targeted and more successful advertising campaigns. "Before surveys were made available online, market research companies had to gather their data through face-to-face interviews. It was a long and tedious process, and often participants weren't even paid for these surveys," said Vincent. Evaluations of databases that provide contact information for hundreds of market research companies looking for people to participate in online paid surveys can be found at Cashtree Paid Surveys Online

People who want to get paid to take surveys online must first register with the hundreds of market research companies. This usually means filling out a short questionnaires with basic information regarding their geographical location, hobbies, age, education and income level. And, of course, their names and addresses so that they receive the checks for their work in the mail. People of different ages, income levels and geographical locations are in constantly high demand to participate in paid market research. While there are hundreds of companies looking for paid survey participants, however, they are all scattered on the world wide web that it can take months if not more to find a sufficient number of them to register with. A few companies have carefully compiled comprehensive databases with information on hundreds of online paid survey sources, making it easier for prospective participants to easily locate paid survey opportunities. The leading online survey databases have been reviewed and ranked at Cashtree Paid Surveys Online

Cash rewards for online paid surveys range from $3 to $70, depending in the length and intensity of the research project. Focus groups, where research participants gather in an online forum at an agreed-upon time, pay up to $250 for those participating.

"The money you get wont let you fire your boss," said Vincent, "but the extra income can help with those little monthly expenses that tend to add up. It makes sense to get paid to take surveys online."

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