SurveyConsole Survey Software Expands Service Offering to Include Web Service Based Integration API

October 27, 2004 - (PromotionWorld) - The XML based API allows organizations to extend as well as integrate with the existing services offered through With the open and standards based integration platform, developers can create toolsets that work with the data collected using online surveys. The API also allows for integration with proprietary customer databases and CRM systems.

"The Web Service API allows our clients to seamlessly collect data at a fraction of the price other enterprise vendors charge" offers Vivek Bhaskaran, CTO SurveyConsole. Having a Web Services based API is almost necessary for application service providers (ASP's) - this allows for the best of internal custom software combined with proven service offering of the provider. Based on ubiquitous standards like SSL, XML and HTTP, the SurveyConsole Web Service API even allows systems within corporate networks to access their data collected and hosted using SurveyConsole.

SurveyConsole offers a web based interface to create surveys, publish them and analyze the results in real-time. Surveys can be distributed via email or posted on web-sites for data collection. A suite of analysis tools are also provided as part of the service for as well as analysis and report generation using Microsoft Office products.

More information about the SurveyConsole Web Service API can be found at :