Interland Redefines Managed Services by Expanding Offerings to Include Business Marketing Services Designed to Generate Online Success

ATLANTA - (PromotionWorld) - November 1, 2004 - Interland, Inc., a leading provider of online services and Web hosting for small and medium-sized businesses, announced today the immediate availability of MyEzClicks(tm), a suite of paid search advertising packages for small businesses, to existing and new customers with managed services hosting accounts. This makes Interland the first provider of dedicated Web hosting to move beyond just addressing infrastructure needs and into offering the expanded business services necessary to help this group of hosting customers succeed online.

Interland's initial business service offering available to managed service customers, MyEzClicks, is aimed at helping these customers leverage the power of the Internet to find, convert and communicate with their customers.

"Providing business marketing solutions to dedicated hosting customers is a powerful way for Interland to continue to help businesses grow," said Joel Kocher, CEO and chairman of Interland. "The days of just selling dedicated hosting infrastructure, or the ping, power and pipe, are numbered. That is why we are committed to delivering value above and beyond this foundational aspect of hosting. MyEzClicks is the first of a number of business services we expect to roll out to dedicated hosting customers in the coming months."

As the importance of having an online business strategy continues to grow, the number of businesses relying on dedicated hosting plans will increase; however, according to Yankee Group Small Business Analyst Helen Chan, the assumption that those using these more advanced hosting solutions will not require business-oriented Web applications is a wrong assumption. "Interland's move to offer more business-side applications and services to purchasers of dedicated hosting plans is something that the market will demand in the very near future," said Chan. "Over the past two years Interland has been a leader in offering users of shared hosting solutions robust business applications and services. It's a natural move for Interland to make these offerings available to all customers, regardless of their choice in hosted plans."

"This is another example of how Interland continues to move its business beyond just hosting services. Customers large and small need more from us, and we are dedicated to meeting those needs," continued Kocher. "By addressing the business needs of dedicated hosting customers, Interland continues its leadership role in transforming the hosting industry."

The MyEzClicks search advertising packages give subscribers guaranteed traffic, freeing them from the daunting task of managing pay-per-click advertising campaigns across multiple search sites. Launched in early October, Interland's newest lead-generating offering was the first to provide small business owners with a cost-effective program that delivers leads and maximizes marketing investments across multiple search engines.

Interland's search professionals manage all the details associated with multiple paid search engine efforts through one program that includes placements on more than 30 sites such as Google, Overture, MSN and AOL. Interland oversees the details, making sure keyword purchases are completed on time; writing text ads; placing bids; and monitoring and optimizing campaigns to keep pace with marketplace changes, all backed by a traffic guarantee. In addition, MyEzClicks users receive monthly reports documenting keywords used and traffic secured.

As a true partner for small and medium-sized businesses, Interland offers tools and services designed to help small businesses realize the promise of the Internet as the new marketing channel. More information about MyEzClicks for managed service hosting customers can be found at: <>. 

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