Statistical Method Makes Search Engine Optimization More Efficient, Results More Predictable

November 1, 2004 - (PromotionWorld) -  Internet marketing agency Portent Interactive has published their statistical model for planning search engine ranking and clickthru.

The model follows Portent's 'white hat' SEO philosophy, predicting potential for success based on a web site's size, level of code cleanliness and content relevance, and competition. Based on two calculations - Relative Position Index (RPI) and Click-Through Prediction - this mathematical model works across all major search engines, and provides a stable model for planning search engine campaigns.

RPI measures search engine optimization potential and progress. It's a logorithmic scale that measures what your rank is, or will be, given a level of optimization, competition and a specific search term. An RPI of 0, for example, means you rank dead last for that term, and can't move up without a lengthy campaign. An RPI of 5 would mean you rank in the top .001%.

CTP uses RPI and measures whether high rank for a given keyphrase is a reasonable goal for that particular web site.

With this model, Portent helps clients target the terms for which they can make real gains. If a clients' site has a low RPI, Portent helps that client find lower-competition niche terms that will garner immediate success, while planning for longer-range campaigns to target search terms the promise more traffic.

If, on the other hand, a client has a higher RPI, Portent helps them target far more competitive terms that offer a higher search frequency, and can deliver more traffic after optimization.

Using this model, Portent takes much of the guesswork out of search marketing, and helps clients shape long-term content strategies that allow steady, organic gains in search engine rank.

For additional information, you can read the full paper 'RPI and CTP Explained' at, or contact e-mail protected from spam bots.

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