ProNetworkTV, Inc. Exercises its Right to SmartVideo Technology

Atlanta, GA - (PromotionWorld) - November 2, 2004 - ProNetworkTV, Inc. announces that the company is exercising its rights to own SmartVideo Technologies intellectual property.

Under the terms of the agreement dated April 1, 2002, SmartVideoTechnologies, Inc. had five days to dispute the notice to acquire the technology delivered by ProNetworkTV, Inc. on September 22, 2004. SmartVideo did not dispute the notice. As such, ProNetworkTV, Inc. plans to take full advantage of the intellectual property.

"As SmartVideo Technologies, Inc.'s alpha site we took a chance on unproven technology in 2002. It works and we have successfully been using it since 2002. We look forward to expanding our capabilities to bring high quality video content to more dial up and cellular users," said Ruth King, CEO of ProNetworkTV, Inc.

ProNetworkTV, Inc. utilizes SmartVideo to deliver high quality content to specific vertical markets.

SmartVideo Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of turnkey digital media solutions that allows for the management of live or on-demand high quality video presentations delivered via the Internet, cellular or wireless devices. SmartVideo's proprietary technology enables video content to be viewed on both broadband and dial-up Internet connections. SmartVideo's Internet solutions can be streamed over the Internet at speeds as low as 23Kbps and at an average of 15 frames per second, allowing its clients to reach more than 95% of all Internet users.