Digital Publishing, the Way of the Future?

Buffalo, NY - (PromotionWorld) - November 3, 2004 - Bandero's president, Brian Harvey, saw a huge opportunity for authors and consumers. Authors benefit because they can focus on their work instead of finding a publisher, and going through the business process of marketing and selling. Authors can publish their work on the Bandero web site, and have it available for sale the same day. Consumers benefit in that they are presented a wider variety of music, books and software that traditional publishers may not offer. In addition, consumers benefit from trying demo's, reading reviews, and downloading their purchases for immediate use.

Bandero's publishing process is done entirely over the internet using a web browser. Authors register for an account, and create one or more content listings by filling in a few simple web pages. Each content listing contains a description, search keywords, price, and terms of sale. Attached to the listing is the actual file containing the content being sold. Optional file attachments include: photographs, demo/sample, and license agreement. Once completed, the listing information is uploaded to the Bandero web site with the click of a button. The content is now published and ready to be sold to consumers on the internet. 

Authors can register and create content listings on Bandero for free; a small fee is charged only when a sale is made. Bandero will process the sales transaction, and collect payment for the author. Authors can log into Bandero and monitor sales activity for each content listing.

Consumers can search for content listings in many ways, including: key words, content type, or platform type. Consumers have the ability to view listing details, try demo's, and view photographs. In addition, consumers can read and write reviews about the content. Content can be purchased from the Bandero web site by adding it to the shopping cart and going through the on-line payment process. Once purchased the content can be downloaded immediately to the consumers computer for use.

Some examples of the Bandero digital publishing service include:
A band wants to publish and sell a song they wrote and own on the internet. An author wants to publish and sell a book he or she wrote on the internet. A software developer / company wants to publish and sell a program on the internet. A marketing company wants to publish and sell information (lists) on the internet. An instructor creates an online training course they would like to publish and sell on the internet.