IT Contractors – Express your Independence with CVBUDDIES™

November 9, 2004 -(PromotioNWorld) - With over zealous tax collectors going on a witch hunt with IR35 and S660 the likes of which has not been seen since the Salem trials, and agencies about as useful as a chocolate teapot, is it time for Contractors to start finding ways to express their independence?

With the launch of our innovative suite of Scrutinate™ Services, CVBuddies™ have automated the manual process of doing an initial screening of CVs thereby bridging the gap between job board and recruiter normally controlled by agencies.

With prices starting from as little as £295 per job posting, CVBuddies™ can provide an inexpensive way for recruiters and hiring managers to take back control of their hiring process. By recruiting directly companies can save £000's in agency fees, whilst at the same time Contractor can increase their rates and still be competitive when compared to a similar agency provided resource.

So, the next time you are sat on a client site and your boss strolls over to inquire:

"I'm looking for a good C++ programmer, do you know of anyone who might be available?"

Rather than just pass it to your agency, tell your client about CVBuddies™ and if they use our services we will send you through an voucher for £50.

About CVBuddies
CVBuddies has developed its innovative suite of Scrutinate™ services to automate the manual process of doing an initial screening of candidate CVs. It identifies and marks out those which do not match the job profile submitted, and ranks the remaining ones, thereby making it easier for the recruiter during the subsequent reviewing process.
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