Helps Companies Locate Writers for their Outsourcing Needs provides companies with a handful of free, useful services to locate freelance writers.

Outsourcing seems to be a big buzz word of 2004 as more and more companies farm out their work to freelancers. To keep pace with this growing trend, provides companies with a handful of free, useful services to locate freelance writers.'s CAREER CENTER ( lets companies, entrepreneurs, project managers, editors, publishers and recruiters post their outsourcing needs to a selection of specific job boards. Hundreds of writers peruse's CAREER CENTER daily, according to Brian Konradt, who launched the free website in 1998. Most companies take advantage of the PAYING FREELANCE WRITING OPPORTUNITIES Job Board ( where companies post their job descriptions and writers respond to them.

Another feature is's CREATIVE PORTFOLIOS (, a searchable, information-dense database of more than 400 portfolios of freelance writers who are ready to help companies with their outsourcing needs. Companies can search the database by keyword, years of experience, skill, service, or location. Supplementing the CREATIVE PORTFOLIOS, is's FREELANCERS SEEKING WORK Job Board (, where freelance writers pitch themselves and their services in 200 words or less.

For editors, literary agents, and book publishers who seek writers year round, maintains three active databases; they are: MAGAZINE GUIDELINES DATABASE ( featuring more than 500 magazines and their writer's guidelines; LITERARY AGENTS DATABASE (, where writers can find literary agents and links to their submission guidelines; and BOOK PUBLISHERS DATABASE (, where writers can locate book publishers and links to their submission guidelines. Inclusion is free; contact Mr. Konradt at

"Economic analysts predicted the growth of outsourcing a decade ago when companies began downsizing in the 90s," according to Konradt. "The trend will continue to grow and I believe it will become the norm. I have built to help both companies and writers work better together, now and in the future."

Launched in 1998, ( helps writers master the creative and business sides of freelancing, offering an endless stream of industry news, job opportunities, editorial content, and networking opportunities.