Gold Mambo Now Offers Mambo Website Templates

November 10, 2004 - (PromotionWorld) - Gold Mambo offers website templates for the Mambo content management system. This offering will allow web-hosting companies, to add web site design to their product line. Gold Mambo charges a yearly subscription and allows access to their ever-growing collection of sensational templates.

So, for one fixed-cost you have access to an increasing supply that you will use to serve your increasing customer base which gives the potential of a large, growing profit from a web design product line. For website designers, Gold Mambo is an extra hand that is tirelessly producing templates at one fixed cost as you continue to implement to a growing customer base.

Gold Mambo is dedicated to enabling web designers that have recognized the power and grace of the Mambo content management system. Gold Mambo serves to further promote open source with these great templates and a healthy future for e-commerce. Gold Mambo templates do not require technical prowess to implement and deploy new designs for your websites. These templates will provide the platform for your clients to clearly deliver their message and increase the conversion rate of web browsers to online customers.