New Search Engine Provides 100% User-generated Search Relevance Rankings

Jatalla, the first Web search engine to deliver 100% user-generated relevance rankings, has been made available today in prototype form at Unlike conventional search engines, which rely upon automated webcrawlers and computer analysis, Jatalla provides search results derived from rankings performed by actual, living human beings.

Through Jatalla, any World Wide Web user can cast a "lexivote", which consists of two parts: (i) a word or phrase and (ii) at least one URL. Thereafter, when a search query is submitted, all lexivotes matching the search query are counted, and associated URLs are ranked according to the number of lexivotes they receive.

"All the text and image evaluation algorithms are executed in people’s heads," commented a company representative. "And in that way, the lexivote methodology fulfills some of the Web's longest-standing but previously untapped potential. Jatalla is –- and is only -- as good as people make it."

Drawing upon the collective intelligence of an entire planet’s human minds, has -- at least in theory -- exponentially more processing power than any other search engine. But the creators of the site are the first to admit that their biggest challenge is to grab those first few users.

"We hope that Jatalla will one day serve as an easy way to interview the whole world through a single search query," the company representative continued. "But right now, we've got to focus on early adopters, especially those who believe that humans are still smarter than computers."

Toward that end, the Jatalla prototype is quite simple, providing only core functions, like search and lexivote submission. However, the Jatalla support blog, hosted by WordPress, indicates that more complex features will arrive when formal launch takes place. Nonetheless, visitors find the simplicity of the site refreshing, particularly the absence of advertisements and other clutter.

Announcement of the lexivote ranking methodology in June, 2006, created an international buzz within the industry. But the new prototype represents the first time that anyone has gotten to test drive a lexivote-based search engine. 

People who would like to try the new paradigm in search technology can visit and begin casting their own lexivotes.