RSS Pieces Launches MyRealtyBlog

RSS Pieces, Inc., a Cape Coral based blog publishing and hosting firm, announced its launch of MyRealtyBlog, an affordable turn-key blog solution for real estate professionals. The system is aimed at making it easier for Realtors® to increase their online traffic and convert the traffic into quality leads while driving search engine positioning. MyRealtyBlog integrates the traditional features of a blog and the usability of a website with a real estate specific toolset of MLS data, listing management, Yahoo!® Neighborhood and Zillow™.

John E. McKnight, Chief Executive Officer at RSS Pieces said yesterday, "With more than 1.2 million Realtors® fighting for each listing and lead, blogs have become a "hot" topic in the industry. Unfortunately, many Realtors® joining the blogosphere with free-ware or non-industry specific blogs are disappointed with the results and the time investment of blogging. MyRealtyBlog addresses these problems by automating search engine optimization, content builds and online marketing while offering back-end site statistics that allow Realtors® to manage and streamline their blogs for results."

McKnight goes on to say, "MyRealtyBlog is about taking what a Realtor® is accustomed to in a website, integrating it with a blog and adding unique tools that help prospects find them on the web and features that keep those prospects coming back. Imagine the power a Realtor® has when buyers can search homes, calculate mortgage rates, compare Zillow™ Zestimates on properties, research school systems, map local attractions and read local news all from their site."

RSS Pieces has been testing its blog platform with a number of Realtors® in South West Florida since March 2006. Best Cape Coral Realty, one of the system’s earliest adopters, purports to have increased online traffic by more than 700% and qualified leads by more than 500% within the first 3 weeks of use.

Victoria Townes of Best Cape Coral Realty said of the system, "Before using MyRealtyBlog, I was in the dark ages. Most of my leads came by word of mouth and advertising. When I replaced my website with MyRealtyBlog, I noticed a dramatic spike in my online lead generation. My blogsite basically does all the work for me and my clients love having so much local and listing specific information at their fingertips."

RSS Pieces is poised to launch an aggressive media campaign this quarter to market MyRealtyBlog nationally. "Our goal is to provide every Realtor® with cutting edge tools to market their business successfully on the web no matter what the size of their office." says Mike Baker, RSS Pieces’ Chief Financial Officer. RSS Pieces is currently working to expand the MyRealtyBlog feature set to include a number of additional web 2.0 features, mash-ups, online marketing tools and real estate related services by early 2007.

About RSS Pieces:
RSS Pieces is a Cape Coral, FL based blog publishing and hosting firm headed by John McKnight, a 20-year veteran of the software and web development industry. RSS Pieces is the first and only blog platform to automatically SEO content and integrate the feature rich environment and general usability tools of the traditional website. The company is committed to providing affordable and valuable tools to their clients in the small to mid-sized business sector. RSS Pieces openly supports and contributes to the greater open source community.

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Highlights of MyRealtyBlog:

• Automated search engine optimization. All content, including MLS data and offsite news feeds are automatically SEOed for increased organic search positioning.

• Automated online marketing. All new content automatically pings primary social bookmarking sites to increase backlinks and assist in more frequent search engine crawls.

• Live content integration. Customized RSS news feed and Yahoo!® Neighborhood pulls build fresh relevant site content automatically.

• On-staff blog team. On-staff real estate industry bloggers blog for Realtors® when they don’t have the time to consistently grow custom site content.

• Podcast and Vcast publishing capabilities. Podcasts and Vcasts are directly integrated into the blog and hosted on the same server for quality search engine indexing.

• MLS integration. MLS data is fully SEOed for better search engine indexing. Back-end listing services allow Realtors® to search, select and tag specific listings for their site.

• Zillow™ API integration. Zillow™ features such as Zestimates and trend data are pulled back with each MLS search to increase value for visitors and site "stickiness."

• Yahoo!® Maps & Yahoo!® Neighborhood integration. Each MLS search pulls valuable mapping and neighborhood resources from Yahoo!® such as directions and school system information to create site "stickiness."

• RSS & Atom syndication services. Each content category can be easily syndicated across the web to drive related web traffic back to a Realtor’s® site.

• Social Bookmarking. Each article contains social bookmarking tools for readers to classify and share web bookmarks while building credibility for a Realtor’s® site.

• Back-end detailed analytics. Back-end analytic tools allow Realtors® to easily check their traffic statistics, search engine crawls and content popularity so they can quickly analyze and streamline their site for results.