Viral Marketing Agency Releases Tool To Track Online Buzz

Webbed Marketing, an agency specializing in viral marketing, has announced the release of the Webbed-O-Meter. This viral marketing tool will measure the amount of buzz surrounding any website. A website's buzz consists of all the online references made to that site by Internet consumers, bloggers, analysts, reviewers and reporters.

Webbed Marketing's eMarketing Manger, Cate Craine, explains, "Traditional marketing campaigns do not permeate as quickly as consumer-generated buzz. Buzz is produced and distributed in such a viral fashion that marketers need to watch their site's online buzz. That is why the Webbed-O-Meter is such a unique tool- it may be producing the first social networking metric of its kind."

Webbed Marketing's Webbed-O-Meter utilizes a scale of 1-100. A higher score represents a more significant buzz factor. Algorithms calculate a site's online buzz by utilizing ten authoritative sources such as: Yahoo!, Digg, and Wikipedia. The Webbed-O-Meter is free and available to anyone at

Craine adds, "Why should your company care about its buzz? Google your company or product name and you'll find a large number of blogger posts, discussion board comments and Wikipedia pages. Just think- these consumer generated pages, not your company site, are the first impression your company is making online as your customers, vendors, partners, investors and employees are buzzing about your organization."

Along with the Webbed-O-Meter, Webbed Marketing also plans on developing additional viral marketing tracking and management tools that will remain free to the public.

About Webbed Marketing

Webbed Marketing consists of a team of viral marketing experts who have over a decade of Internet marketing experience. The firm's objective is to help businesses grow by utilizing the Internet and reaching online influencers. Webbed Marketing offers its clients full Internet marketing services including viral marketing programs, paid search management, onsite search engine optimization training, and affiliate program management. Clients include Cardinal Health, Bostech Corporation and Dominion Homes. To learn more about Webbed Marketing visit