RankZen Creator Ajax Union Encourages Keyword Research for SEO and PPC

The creator of the online keyword research tool RankZen is encouraging marketing professionals to expand their knowledge of keywords and the roles they play in both SEO and PPC practices.

The creator of RankZen, Joe Apfelbaum, is encouraging marketing professionals to explore the differences in keyword research for search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising through the online keyword tool, available at http://www.RankZen.com. RankZen allows subscribers to select and monitor keywords while implementing successful marketing strategies and campaigns.

“What is so great about a tool like RankZen is the ability to use it for keyword research while you’re planning the basis for your campaigns, whether it’s for search engine optimization efforts or pay-per-click ad management. I would encourage marketing professionals to utilize keyword tracking software like RankZen for both SEO and PPC, but to also educate themselves on the different weight keywords play in the two types of campaigns,” said Joe Apfelbaum.

Apfelbaum, a certified Google trainer, is also the cofounder and current CEO of the Brooklyn-based internet marketing firm Ajax Union. He presents webinars and seminars concerning internet marketing with SEO and PPC strategies.
According to Apfelbaum, there are several aspects to consider when conducting keyword research for SEO and PPC. For instance, the goals of SEO and PPC differ. The end goal of SEO is to generate awareness for your company, boost search engine rankings, and drive traffic to your website. The main goal of PPC campaigns is to gain profit through the ad conversions. Utilizing a website like RankZen to research, marketing professionals can accurately apply keywords to the campaigns they are managing, whether they are SEO or PPC based marketing strategies.

RankZen currently offers a free trial version that allows users to track one URL and select up to five keywords to monitor. Plans offered by RankZen include the Business Basic plan and the Business Pro plan. The Business Basic plan features tracking for up to two campaigns and up to 50 keywords for $49.99/month. The Business Pro plan features tracking for up to five campaigns and up to 250 keywords for $99.99/month. These plans are available for review online at http://www.RankZen.com/pages/plansnpricing.

To find out more about the keyword tracking software or to sign up for a RankZen free trial, visit http://www.RankZen.com or email supportRankZen.com. Follow RankZen on Facebook and Twitter at http://www.facebook.com/RankZen and http://twitter.com/RankZen. For additional tips on keyword tracking, visit the RankZen blog at http://www.RankZen.com/blog.

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