Siteimprove Announces PDF Document Checking Tool

Identify Broken Links and Accessibility Issues Within Website Hosted PDF Documents

Minneaspolis, MN (PRWEB) - Siteimprove unveiled their new PDF document scanning feature Tuesday, which allows users to test PDFs hosted on their websites for broken links and accessibility issues.

“Our PDF checking tool introduces a major advantage for website managers looking to quality assure the content on their site,” said Siteimprove Inc. CEO Torben Rytt. “A mistake inside a PDF document can be devastating to your user experience, and now Siteimprove can find them all - both on your web pages and in hosted PDF documents.”

The tool also helps ensure that hosted PDF documents are fully accessible to users with disabilities, highlighting issues and making recommendations for fixes.

“Organizations put PDFs on their websites, often as the only source for certain content. If these documents aren’t accessible, it raises legal issues,” said Siteimprove’s Senior eAccessibility Consultant Kevin Rydberg. “PDFs are possibly the most important file format available today, as they’re by far the most common “final” version for an electronic document.”

The new feature automatically catalogues all PDF documents hosted on a given website, and tests them every five days for errors.

“While accessibility issues are relatively static, links to other websites can break without warning, leaving your users scratching their heads,” said Rytt. “Regularly checking the documents means peace of mind for your PDF library.”

Errors discovered in the documents are sent in automated reports to the appropriate website editor to aid the fixing process.

“Scheduled error reports automatically delegate clean lists of all needed fixes to the appropriate website contributors, and an overview report to the website manager,” Rytt said. “Mistakes can be fixed by the people responsible for creating them, and no one person is left to shoulder the entire workload.”

Siteimprove has committed to offering additional resources to support customers during the remediation process for existing documents and creating accessible documents in the future.

“The remediation process for large document libraries can be pretty nasty,” Rydberg said. “We want to give people best practices for how to go about carrying out those processes in the real world.”

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