Easypromos Launches Inaugural Social Media Promotions Report

Online Sweepstakes Cornerstone of Social Media Promotions Programs; Content Creating Campaigns Gaining Popularity

Toronto, Canada (PRWEB) December 15, 2015 - Today, Easypromos, a global leader in social media promotions, announced the results of its inaugural Social Media Promotions Report, which aims to demonstrate how companies globally are utilizing social media promotions to support overall business and marketing objectives. The Report, which analyzes Easypromos’ more than 13,000 paid promotions between January 1 and October 15, 2015, found that online sweepstakes [1] are the cornerstone for social media promotions across every industry vertical, representing 58 percent of all promotions, and are often the entry-point for first-time social media promoters, with 66 percent of all new clients choosing sweepstakes when given the choice between a free sweepstakes, contest or coupon.

As marketers look for resources to generate online content, Easypromos also noted that contest promotions [2] are gaining in popularity as nearly a third of marketers are building contributed content through photo, video and writing-based contests. And, while social media promotions are being used broadly within most industries, health and beauty, food and beverage, travel and leisure, and fashion verticals are embracing these tools the most.

“Our Social Media Promotions Report confirms the ease and effectiveness of sweepstakes as the most popular tool within a social media marketing toolkit. Further, with the majority of trial users choosing sweepstakes over other tools, it is clear that sweepstakes are likely the launch-point for many first-time social media promoters,” said Brian McNeil-Smith, North American Sales Director, Easypromos. “Additionally, companies across all verticals are broadening their social media promotions strategies to include a variety of tools such as contests, coupons, quizzes and more.”

Key Promotion Findings Across Verticals

  • Fashion Leads Industry in Sweepstakes: While sweepstakes and giveaways are the most popular promotion for companies across all industry verticals, 72 percent of all promotions done by those in the fashion industry were sweepstakes, as companies within the space look to broaden their audience to generate new leads. Sixty-six percent of all promotions within the health and beauty industry were sweepstakes.
  • Travel & Leisure Use Contests the Most: Content creation is critical for building awareness and driving traffic to a website, but for many businesses, exceedingly time consuming. The travel and leisure industry is offloading a piece of these efforts with user generated content through promotions such as photo, video and writing contests, comprising 36 percent of all their promotions – the largest percentage by industry. Twenty-nine percent of all food and beverage social media promotions were contests. While sweepstakes do continue to comprise a hefty chunk of the social promotions for travel and leisure (51 percent) and food and beverage (58 percent), it is clear that the contests are gaining in popularity.
  • Health & Beauty/Food & Bev Ahead in Coupons and Promotional Codes: As companies look for simple ways to drive to point of sale, coupons and promotional codes [3] shared via social media are gaining favor, particularly in health and beauty as well as food and beverage representing six and seven percent of all promotions within both verticals, respectfully. As companies become more accustomed to validating these codes at point-of-sale, as well as QR and scan technology, promotions like these will continue to gain traction.
  • Travel & Leisure Use Quizzes to Engage: While quizzes [4] still represent a small percentage of social promotions overall, the travel and leisure companies are using quizzes more than any other vertical as they look engage and entertain their audience. According to Easypromos, eight percent of all promotions within this the travel and leisure vertical were quizzes. Health and beauty comes in as a close second with six percent.
  • Verticals Using Surveys the Least: Surveys [5], which can be useful tools for gathering market research, represent the smallest percentage of social media promotions across every industry, representing only 2-3 percent of promotions across the most active verticals.

Historically, social media promotions have been a subcategory beneath larger digital and inbound marketing programs, having been largely given birth by Facebook as offspring of company and brand Facebook pages. However, industry innovation driven by changing marketing appetites, new technologies and frequently changing social media platform guidelines and regulations have paved the way for robust tools, platforms and applications. The result is stronger, more powerful, wider reaching social media promotions tools supporting companies and brands of all sizes and needs.

“Marketers have been recognizing for years the importance of social media promotions in a larger marketing program for not only engaging with an audience and extending its reach, but building loyalty, driving traffic, generating leads and bringing targets to a point of sale,” said Carles Bonfill, CEO of Easypromos. “The Social Media Promotions Report aims to gather intelligence into not only usage of specific social media promotions tools, but become a benchmark to track marketing behavior over time in order to identify industry new trends and shifts as the space continues to evolve. Stay tuned.”

Promotion definitions:
[1] Sweepstakes select a winner randomly and include giveaways and instant wins for purpose of this report.
[2] Contests reward participant for photo, video and writing content that they have shared in participation with a contest.
[3] Coupons and promotional codes reward actions of users, such as submitting their information or recruiting a friend in a contest, with coupons or codes to redeem in stores or online.
[4] Quizzes engage with participants by testing their knowledge on a specific topic with a question and answer-type contest.
[5] Surveys gather opinions via social media for market research.

About Easypromos:
Easypromos is a global leader in social media promotions offering a self-service, easy-to-use platform to create and manage digital campaigns seamlessly across any social media network or device. Launched in 2010, Easypromos has powered digital campaigns supporting contests, sweepstakes, quizzes, surveys, and more through simple, customizable solutions that are easily shareable for more than 250,000 promotions worldwide. Clients span 50 countries, with promotions running in 24 languages.

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