MessageGears to Host Webinar: “Beyond Opens & Clicks: How to Measure Email’s True Business Impact”

The February 27 webinar addresses the challenges enterprise marketers face when attempting to track sales from email to purchase, and provides alternative tactics to measure the true impact of email marketing.

ATLANTA (PRWEB) February 16, 2018 - Traditional open/click/conversion email marketing metrics tend to be highly valued measures of success, yet these metrics provide an incomplete picture of the true impact of email for a large enterprise because so much happens offline. To help marketers more accurately measure how email affects customer behavior, revenue, and loyalty, MessageGears is hosting a webinar titled “Beyond Opens & Clicks: How to Measure Email’s True Business Impact,” which will take place Tuesday, Feb. 27, at 2 p.m. ET. Marketers can register for the webinar at

The 30-minute webinar will cover why tracking email success can be such a challenge for large enterprise organizations, and provide alternative tactics marketers can use to get a more complete view of email's impact on driving consumers to become purchasers, even when those purchases are made in person instead of online. Enterprise organizations that want to understand email’s true business impact go beyond the traditional metrics to look at how email campaigns affect all types of customer conversions.

“Many marketers I know get focused on email-specific metrics and struggle with how to track the true business impact of the channel, but that can't be an excuse for marketers to throw up our hands and not try. It's essential that we as marketers understand what traditional email metrics are telling us and not telling us in relation to customer behavior,” said MessageGears Sr. Director of Marketing Will Devlin, who will lead the webinar.

Attendees will learn:

  • The value (and limitations) of traditional email metrics, particularly when it comes to incorporating offline behaviors
  • Which industries are particularly susceptible to underestimating email’s impact
  • Alternative means to measure email’s impact on sales when channel-specific metrics are insufficient

By not understanding the true impact of email marketing on customer behavior and loyalty, enterprises can misallocate money and resources, lose potential sales, and diminish their ability to personalize customer experiences both online and offline. Not all email marketing metrics are as straightforward as opens and clicks, but it is often in the more esoteric metrics that enterprise marketers are able to reveal the true value of email marketing.

To register for the webinar, visit Registrants will receive a recording if they’re unable to attend.

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