TeamViewer ITbrain Now Offers Proactive Ransomware Protection and Anti-Malware Outlook Add-In

TAMPA, Fla. (PRWEB) March 01, 2018 - TeamViewer®, a leading global software provider for IoT, connectivity, monitoring, support, and team collaboration, is happy to announce the availability of the Anti-Malware Outlook Add-In and new proactive ransomware protection features for its ITbrain Anti-Malware software.

ITbrain Anti-Malware protects computers against threats such as viruses, trojans, rootkits and spyware. It allows system administrators to define adjustable strategies and to adapt Anti-Malware features to the company needs, and even to specific user computers in the company network. The two new features provide a significant boost to ITbrain’s Anti-Malware capabilities.

Proactive protection against file-encrypting ransomware
The new ransomware protection feature will secure data in protected locations from being encrypted by ransomware. These locations can be defined by the system administrator to fit the needs of the user or company.

Once set, only processes that are known to be clean, are authenticated through valid code signature or have been set as trusted by the user will be allowed to modify data in protected folders. Consequently, applications that do not meet these conditions will be prevented from modifying any kind of data in protected locations. IT administrators can decide to allow an application that has been blocked from modifying data at any time.

Outlook Add-In eliminates the risk of executing malicious attachments
The most common way for a virus or malware to enter a system is via e-mail attachments. While companies usually train their staff to be careful with email attachments from unknown sources, all it takes is one person opening a malicious file for the whole IT infrastructure to be at risk.

With the now available Outlook add-in, ITbrain Anti-Malware will scan all attachments of incoming e-mails. If an infected attachment is detected, it is deleted. Instead of the malicious file, users will find a simple text-attachment informing them about the cleared threat. This feature is available for users of Microsoft Outlook 2010 or later.

ITbrain Anti-Malware is integrated in TeamViewer’s web-based Management Console, providing companies with access to the control panel and reporting data from any web-enabled device. The seamless integration allows both products to work together effortlessly by collecting and aggregating data into the cloud.

About TeamViewer
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