Facebook Loses Favorite Brand Connectivity With Millennials to Instagram and Snapchat In latest Moosylvania Study

March 7, 2018, St. Louis, Mo: Brand Building Agency Moosylvania recently asked consumers from 18-38, how they are relating to their favorite brands – and on which channels they connect.

“We know they are on the channels talking with their friends.  What we want to know is how and where they are connecting with their favorite brands,” says Norty Cohen, CEO of Moosylvania, an integrated agency which publishes the annual Top 100 Millennial Brands Report. 

The average millennial checks their phone more than 150 times per day – but how often and where are they checking in with their favorite brands? So, what Moosylvania asked consumers, via a mobile-only survey, in January of 2018 was, “You’ve just told us your favorite brand – how do you connect with them on your smartphone?”

The survey compared reactions from 2017 to 2018 and saw significant changes within just 12 months.

“The big news is the change on Facebook – down from 52% to 40% with younger millennials (17-27) and from 48% to 33% (28-38) with older millennials.  However, even with this drop, they retain the largest share of reach and can’t be overlooked,” Cohen says. 

Instagram gained some of the traffic – remaining steady at 33% for younger millennials and picking up from 19% to 24% with older millennials.

Twitter was down significantly – falling from 28% to 16% with younger millennials and 17% to 13% with older millennials.

Snapchat saw some increases up from 20% to 24% with younger millennials and from 10-11% with older millennials.

“Alternatively, the efficiency of email and brand websites deserve our attention,” said Cohen. 

Brand websites were up from 19% to 20% with younger millennials and went from 20% to 25% with older millennials. Email grew its significant share of connectivity - going from 17% to 18% with younger millennials and from 18% to 22% with older millennials. “Personalization and customized experiences are easier to create than ever,” he added.

YouTube was mixed – gaining from 22% to 23% of younger millennials love – and down from 18% to 17% with older millennials.

Pinterest was down from 12% to 7% of younger millennials and down from 11% to 6% with older millennials.

Text messaging was flat at 9% for younger millennials and up from 10% to 11% with older millennials.

Ultimately, brands need two-way conversations to legitimately connect with their audiences, Cohen says. “Channels that can personalize and get there quickly are going to do better in the long run.”

Moosylvania has been conducting Millennial-favorite-brand surveys for six years.  Cohen recently published a book based on the research, entitled, The Participation Game (Sept 2017), with Idea Press in which Cohen concludes that ultimately, millennials aren’t consuming advertising, they’re participating in brands.

The methodology for the surveys is conducted by Great Questions, LC.  All components are mobile based.

Moosylvania is an integrated marketing agency based in St. Louis, MO.  The 40 person agency provides consumer clients with digital, brand and experiential services.

For more information contact: Kristi Hughes, kristi@smithpublicity.com, 856-489-8654 x322

Norty Cohen is CEO and Founder of Moosylvania, the St. Louis-based ad and creative agency well-known for their sought-after annual research and data on the Top 100 global brands. Cohen shares his insights and research at events throughout the US every year, however, for the first time, he will be publishing his research in the upcoming book, The Participation Game, which examines how and why consumers adopt brands.  

Prior to starting Moosylvania, Cohen was the COO of former agency of the year, Zipatoni. Prior to his four decades of creative and innovation engineering experience, he received his degree from the University of Missouri, School of Journalism. Cohen is a weekend rock warrior, and plays percussion in a 70s review rock band.  He is also on the Executive Board of Gateway to Hope, a charity that buys insurance for women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Cohen can be found on LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.