Brand Marketing Leaders Explore Innovation and Passion Point Marketing at Portada's Council System

NEW YORK, June 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Portada,; the leading networking solutions platform for dynamic tech, marketing and media companies targeting consumers through cultural insights and passion points, launched its exclusive Council System earlier this year.

More than 70 brand marketing executives are members of the Council System. Marketing trail blazers from L'Oréal, Latam Airlines, Allstate, Coty, Intuit, JC Penney and MasterCard share their experience in the below testimonials.

"I think that Portada has been doing a great job, I'm really excited about all the things we've been working on during these meetings and understanding, not only inspiring but really taking action, so for me it's very interesting," says Perla Patricia Aragón, Digital Marketing Director MX, L'Oréal (Portada Council of the Americas Member).

"I'm in the Travel Marketing Board, a very good opportunity to share different visions among different industries, we are airlines, car rentals, hotels… and it's amazing how, even though it's the same industry, it's different pillars, and it's amazing how we all share the same challenges and it's interesting to see how everything is related."
Pablo Chiozza, Senior VP US, Canada, Asia & Caribbean, Latam Airlines Group
(Travel Marketing Board Member).

"I think it's a great thing that Portada has put together, it's given me a chance to really interact with some folks that I've known in the industry but maybe we hadn't gotten together around the specific unique targeted approach like multicultural Hispanic marketing through the lens of sports and sports marketing, so it's been very engaging for me."
Dan Keats, Director Consumer Marketing-Sponsorships, Allstate Insurance
(Sports Marketing Board Member).

"Even though I get invited to this kind of things all the time, the executives we had at the table, this time it was top-notch, great quality people that could really get to a deeper level of discussion than I've had at other places."
Rafael Lopez-de-Azua, Head of Media and Digital, Latam, Coty
(Brand Star Committee Member)

"I think it's a great idea, I really liked that we were able to get together in a group yesterday and just talk peer-to-peer about the things we're struggling with, or things we're finding challenging, and see what other people have learned from their experiences."
John Sandoval, Senior Brand and Latino Marketing Manager, Intuit
(Brand Star Committee Member)

"It has been a great experience so far, we've met twice and it's great to have the access to all these people in the marketing world that have the same type of issues that we do and discuss these matters, try to find solutions and interact that way, so it's great networking with your peers. It's a great opportunity to get access to different technologies, different ideas, and in a great setting."
Ana Lucía Soto, National Media Manager, JCPenney (Brand Star Committee Member)

"The Council System is very unique for us at Mastercard. It allows us to better understand what the Hispanic market is doing and we can leverage that with a lot of our properties. That's the biggest feature and the benefit. And bringing our knowledge as it relates to Mastercard to this business and the Hispanic community is very important to us."
Mike Tasevski, VP, North America Sponsorships, MasterCard
(Sports Marketing Board Member)

How the Council System Works

Members of the five different units of the Portada Council System are connected throughout the year by attending two virtual and two in-person meetings during Portada events. The next in-person meeting will be taking place during Portada New York on Sept. 24 and 25, 2018

Latin American members of the brand and agency star committees will meet at Portada Mexico on October 30, 2018.

Opportunities for Vendors of Marketing Services

In addition to the more than 70 brand marketing executives who integrate Portada's  expanding Council System, Council System integrations are available to an elite group of marketing services vendors. To discuss opportunities please reach out to Sales Manager Isabel Ojeda at

For more information about the 5 different units of the Portada Council System and the list of its members, please go to the url below

FAQ about the Council System:

About Portada
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