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PATCHOGUE, N.Y., Sept. 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- In order to help growing businesses continue to advance their brand, internet marketing company fishbat discusses micro moments and how enterprising companies can use them to their advantage.

As mobile devices have supplanted computers as most people's go-to for immediate information, web browsing has become a useful tool that is used consistently throughout the day rather than in predictable settings. Consumers no longer have to make time to sit down at a computer to find information, preferring instead to just take out a smartphone and get access to relevant information immediately - right when they need it.

These small bursts of browsing that are space sporadically throughout the day are known as micro moments, and marketers that take advantage of this relatively new phenomenon are positioning their brands above the competition.

Here are just a few of the ways that micro moments can be used to advance a company's online presence.

Provide Quick, Actionable Information. During these micro moments, customers are looking for immediate information. Whether that's store hours, a how-to video, or a host of any other sort of topic that they want a quick answer to, a quick web search will give searchers a huge amount of data to choose from. Marketers that design m site that is designed to give users information quickly and conveniently will reap the rewards of these micro moments. Web browsing has moved from an intentional computer session to frequent searches throughout the day, and as such each search is incredibly intention-rich. Micro moments are searches with a defined goal, and marketers that can fulfill that goal will come out ahead.

Adjust SEO to Meet Common Queries. Because micro moments are a response to a particular need for information, companies can adjust their marketing to cater to common searches. Chances are that the majority of a business's user base will not be searching specifically for their company, instead searching for keywords that will hopefully lead to said company's products. This is the basis of SEO and is a large part of how marketers improve upon their company's online presence, but micro moments open up the opportunity for highly-tailored keyword targeting. When marketers put themselves in their customers' shoes and think of what they may be searching for in these micro moments, they are far more likely to capture the attention of the huge base of mobile users.

Optimized Content for A Mobile World. The amount of web browsing and queries on mobile phones is bigger than ever before, and there is a huge number of people that do all of their browsing on a smartphone without ever booting up a computer. Understanding micro moments and how they work can also position marketers to build websites that are better suited for mobile browsers. As the way we consume content changes, companies need to change course in their advertising to match it. There's no excuse for a consumer-facing company website that isn't easily viewable on a phone, and taking the time to make sure that the online content is easily consumable across all platforms is well worth the additional effort.


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