1.1 Million Social Posts Indicators of Retailers' Promotion of Cyber Monday Deals

NEW YORK -  Cyber Monday is off to a big start – with retailers looking to woo customers to their websites to get what are being touted as amazing deals.  Those retailers are pulling out all the stops and using social media in a way like never before to promote their products. 


According to international social media analytics firm Talkwalker, there have been more than 1.1 million mentions of Cyber Monday in the last 30 days, including over 430,000 mentions in the last 24 hours. 


While Cyber Monday is looked at as a U.S. phenomenon, the hashtag #CyberMonday was also mentioned hundreds of thousands of times in Europe, Talkwalker reported.


Top Cyber Monday brands over the last 30 days (Amazon far ahead from competition, much less dominant in 2017): 

  1. Amazon.com (over 90,000 mentions, from Amazon Echo to Alexa Internet)
  2. Walmart (over 20,000 mentions)
  3. Samsung (over 14,000 mentions)
  4. Xbox One (over 12,000 mentions)
  5. Google (over 12,000 mentions - especially because of Google Pixel 3)
  6. Nintendo Switch (over 8000 mentions)
  7. Sony (over 7000 mentions)
  8. Alibaba (over 7000 mentions - new player in the Cyber Monday game)
  9. Android (over 7000 mentions)
  10. PlayStation 4 (over 7000 mentions)


There has been a strong showing of influencers, especially on Instagram, to recommend CyberMonday deals to their community: 


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