The Ultimate Guide to Content Quizzes: Magnificent Marketing Presents a New Podcast Episode on How to Utilize Quizzes to Generate Sales Leads

There are two reason why quizzes work. First, quizzes allow people to talk about themselves, which they love. According to one study in Time magazine, 40% of the words people say in their lives are about themselves, and when talking about themselves, people actually experience a small dopamine rush. Secondly, quizzes allow people to learn about themselves through the results. This is a powerful, personal allure for people, as there are entire self-help industries built around people discovering themselves.

Beyond that, there is a 50% conversation rate among users who take quizzes, and half of all users will opt into a list after taking the quiz, should there be an option readily available.

This podcast episode explains how to best utilize quizzes for lead generation and conversion and covers the following topics:

-How to create the best quiz
-How to promote the quiz
-Common mistakes (and how to avoid them)
-Examples of success
-And more!

This podcast episode is available on the major podcast channels, on Magnificent's YouTube channel and, with an accompanying blog, on

About Magnificent Marketing:

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In order to achieve this, they draw on their experience and belief that a mixture of traditional marketing techniques combined with modern marketing tools will yield the best results. In other words, they blend old and new school marketing to create the best school of thought.

ABOUT Josh Haynam

Josh Haynam is co-founder of Interact, a place for creating fun quizzes that also generate leads. Josh regularly writes about lead generation and conversion rate optimization (CRO). He also enjoys a good game of pickup basketball.

On his company’s website, Josh writes a semi-regular blog about tips and tricks in the marketing field. He can also be found on various social media platforms, such as Twitter and LinkedIn, where he posts content regarding entrepreneurship and marketing.