DigDev Direct Combines Email & Facebook Marketing Services

You can now use DigDev Direct email marketing services to enhance your Facebook advertising.

“This is a chance for a business to enhance what they are doing. Think about what happens when you receive an email. Even if it’s not opened, the recipient sees who it is from and what it’s about. Now they can see a similar ad from you on social media, sites that they give their undivided attention to. That increases the awareness of your promotion and brand while also ensuring that you get more traffic to your site without getting crazy on your budget.” Media Direct Representative

Ideally, companies will select a targeted audience for an email marketing campaign. The creative can be made by DigDev in house and then uploaded to their system for deployment. Targeting includes hundreds of selects like gender, geo, age, job title, political affiliation, income and more. Once they’ve selected their audience, the client can then request that ads are run on social media platforms to the same audience. Media Direct will use the same data to find matching accounts or a lookalike audience and begin running the ads immediately.

“You cannot send out a single campaign and expect results. The companies that see the most successes are the ones that do dozens of campaigns to highly-targeted consumers. They have great content; a strong brand presence and they also have realistic expectations. Often times it’s the 8th or 9th time someone sees an ad that they finally act on it. This allows you to show your ad on multiple channels, giving businesses more of an advantage and a bigger reach.”

For more information regarding this feature, please contact Dennis John at djohn (at) digdev (dot) com.


About DigDev Direct

DigDev Direct utilizes a multi-channel marketing platform to provide their clients top level services for customer acquisition and retention. Each channel comes with highly targeted strategies whether it be search engine optimization, pay per click, email marketing, mobile, data appending or more.