PopBase Launches Platform That Allows Creators to Gamify Their Brand and Follower Experience

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- PopBase, a shared social gaming app and new digital distribution platform, is launching its early access release today. Now content creators – whether influencers, celebrities or industry experts, will be able to engage with their fans anytime and anywhere by expanding their social media brand into an immersive gamified experience on PopBase.

Serving as an interactive fan club, creators can author and pre-schedule exclusive content through a turnkey web portal, allowing the fan club to stay active and relevant even when the creator is offline. The new platform aims to create an entirely new form of interaction between creators and their fanbases while growing a digital community on the free-to-play mobile app.

"PopBase is all about brand expansion," says Lisa Wong, CEO of PopBase. "The platform was built to allow creators to expand their brand into new mediums. Our tools were built by creators, for creators. We believe that creators today are special, building their brands on personality, responsiveness, and playfulness. And we're designing our tools and tech to leverage that."

In addition to offering fans a unique experience that doesn't exist on any other platform, PopBase creators also have a chance at unlocking a new monetization stream, as the PopBase in-app economy offers monetization through in-app ads and purchases.

"We want to add to the creators bottom line through a high-end interactive experience that requires no technical knowledge or a budget, with minimal time and effort," says Wong. "The one thing creators don't have is more time, and most platforms require them to be on in exchange for high retention rates. But human beings don't scale. And PopBase was made to accommodate that need to keep audiences active by gamifying their growing content slates."

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Who Is Already on PopBase?

PopBase recently launched its 2019 creator program for active Micro-Macro influencers (those with a 10,000 - 2,000,000 following on social media) and has partnered up with a strong roster of established YouTube and TikTok content creators including Snarled, Caleb Hyles, Mr. Creepy Pasta, Larry Bundy Jr, The Dragon Hat, Night Mind, Mortis Media, Grazy Grace, Sherice Banton, Harley McMahan, The Bailey Bakery , NinjaGirlDraws, LazyPillow, Doctor Wolfula, Oshikorosu, MarzGurl, Willbits and more.

Partnerships, Rewards and Sponsors

Brands like LootCrate and Jumper Threads are sponsors for the player competitions running biweekly on PopBase. Fans of the creators play to win real-life rewards by breaking high scores through user-generated games and challenges. In addition, PopBase has teamed up with affiliate programs including Skillshare, Microsoft, and Design Pickle to offer promotions and discounts for players throughout their exploration of the app's gamified search engine: PopCity. And with the promise to continue to offer monetization opportunities to creators, PopBase has also partnered with licensing agencies like Epik and BCreative to sell licensed digital assets as skins for in-app purchases for the creator's digital fan clubs on the platform.

PopCity Rising

PopBase is poised to add another 30 creators to its platform by the end of the year while also adding new features for players and new tools for creators to expand the platform's scale and reach. PopBase currently works with pop-culture, media and entertainment-focused creators but understands that content interests are diverse and intends to create more tools for creators who focus on education, fashion and lifestyle.

About PopBase: http://www.Pop-Base.com

PopBase is a shared social gaming app and new digital distribution platform.  Serving as an interactive fan club where creators can author and pre-schedule exclusive content through a turnkey web portal, the fan club can stay active and relevant even when the creator is offline. Based in Burbank, California, PopBase was founded in 2017 by a team of experienced entrepreneurs with 60+ years of combined industry experience building product for Apple, Google, Sony and Cartoon Network. The team is dedicated to the development of PopBase and working towards the goal of disrupting the future of entertainment. PopBase is a part of The Brandery and Gener8or's 9 batch, a TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield alumni and a part of the WXRFund's 2nd cohort.

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