TREND SHIFT to Watch 2020: Sentiment Around Artificial Intelligence Shifts from Negative to Joy

NEW YORK -- In the last few years, marketers have struggled to think positively about Artificial Intelligence (AI).  According to Talkwalker, among emotional responses linked to the conversational data surrounding Artificial Intelligence, over half of that is negative.  But that is about to change. 


“The net sentiment flipped into the positive from June 2019 onwards, and steadily remains there,” said Todd Grossman, CEO Americas for Talkwalker.  “And now more people are associating joy with the conversations and are accepting Artificial Intelligence and understanding its potential.”


International social media analytics firm Talkwalker and Hubspot asked 50 social media gurus, industry experts and PR professionals  from around the world to define the trends that will shape the social media industry for 2020, turning that into a report available here


Among the findings is that artificial intelligence was the most discussed trend in the first half of 2019 with more than 4.7 million mentions—more than double the others in total, according to Talkwalker. Through social listening, 50% of emotion around the topic of artificial intelligence was negative, Talkwalker reported.


“In 2019, the AI objectives in marketing are clear: optimization of marketing automation, individual personalization, ‘customer centricity’ which will allow marketers to delight the consumer, optimize revenue and detect potential BZB leads, thereby signifying the end of laborious marketing tasks,” said Jean-Phillippe Cunnlet, MarTech trainer and advisor.


What does this mean for marketers? 


“It’s time to adapt,” added Talkwalker’s Grossman. “Invest in the available AI technologies to maximize your results, either to speed up your marketing efforts, manage more data effectively or to improve your consumer experience.”


Among the other findings available in the full report are:


  • TikTok in your integrated strategy


  • Digital Detox


  • Power Of Data Privacy And Reining In Fake News


  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Will Be Used Effectively In Your Marketing


  • Generation Z Will Only Engage If You Pivot Your Strategy


  •        Influencer Marketing


  •         User-Generated Content


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