TikTok’s 44 million downloads in August beat Facebook, Instagram

Data acquired by Finbold.com indicates that video-sharing social networking service Tik Tok recorded 44.6 million downloads in August. The downloads were on both Android and Apple platforms.

Instagram, Facebook lag behind TikTok in downloads

TikTok’s downloads were more compared to Instagram’s 38.5 million and Facebook’s 22.1 million. The Finbold.com research also overviewed the selected apps downloaded in May this year.

TikTok remained dominant with 72.8 million downloads. The downloads were more than compared to Instagram and Facebook which had 38.5 million and 31.4 million downloads respectively.

The research highlighted the push behind TikTok’s 2020 massive growth in downloads. According to the report:

“TikTok has now evolved into a media sensation for users. The platform experienced rapid growth in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. As the virus spread across the world, governments ordered lockdown and many people had to stay at home. With the urge to keep entertained many latched on to TikTok leading to the app’s snowballing.”

From the research, India has recorded the highest downloads this year at 99.8 million. The United States comes a distant second with 45.6 million downloads.

Brazil has the third-highest downloads at 34.7 million followed by Indonesia at 30.7 million. Russia lies in the fifth spot with 25 million downloads while Mexico is sixth at 24.2 million downloads. 

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