Tilda Website Builder Rolls Out Free Course on Web Animation

The course will introduce users to different types of web animations with examples and tips. They will learn 27 easy ways to create distraction-free animations.

LONDON, UK, Nov. 09, 2021 — Tilda, an intuitive no-code website builder, today announced the launch of the free Web Animation Course that is now available on Tilda.Education. The course is targeted at website creators and designers interested in learning the basics of web animation and understanding how to use it strategically to achieve the right user experience. 


Web animation can be a powerful tool for storytelling, improving user experience, and increasing conversions. However, the main challenge is that animation often distracts users from the website’s message and negatively affects their journey. 


Tilda launched this free web animation course to teach users how to use animation effectively and in a distraction-free manner. This practical course contains step-by-step instructions on creating 27 animation effects on the Tilda website builder. Moreover, most of them take no more than three steps to develop and don’t require prior experience in web design. 


The course will feature:

  • The basic theory of web animation. 
  • 9 golden rules of effective animation.
  • 27 animation effects with tutorials (e.g., text animation, news ticker effect).
  • 19 video tutorials.


Web animation is an awesome way to add personality to your website and distinguish it from the competition, but it can also be a horrendous distractor that will drive users crazy. With this course, we want to educate web creators on adding animations that will empower their messages and align with the user journey instead of hindering their experience,” said Nikita Obukhov, CEO, and founder of Tilda. 


Tilda.Education is a free digital learning resource from Tilda website builder. The platform regularly releases practical guides to web design and digital marketing.


To learn more about the course, please, visit this page


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