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by Maria Mitsova
March 09, 2007

Learning how to do business on the Internet and constantly improve your online marketing performance has never been easier. Read on to learn about some of the events in March.

Convergence 2007, the premier Microsoft Dynamics event, will take place in San Diego, California, March 11-14. The event will help attendees build skills across all Microsoft platforms, equip themselves with the tools and knowledge needed for optimizing their business solution, interact with partners, Microsoft team members and top industry experts in both structured and informal settings, and hear the vision and strategy of key Microsoft executive leaders.

Bulldog Reporter's PR University will present its one day Advanced PR Technology in Practice event on March 16, 2007 in Chicago. Topics will include blogs, vodcasts and podcasts, social media, boosting PR visibility with search engine optimization. Among the keynote speakers of the PR technology event are Lee Odden of TopRank Online Marketing, Greg Jarboe of SEO-PR, and Eric Schwartzman of iPressroom.

Seodays is hosting a two day search engine conference March 20-21 at the London Euston Hilton Hotel. The event will be led by Dave Naylor & Jennifer Slegg and will feature top industry speakers who will keynote on the latest SEO & SEM techniques. This is the first of a series of two day conferences that Seodays will organize throughout 2007 in UK, Europe, USA and Canada.

Leading search engine marketing firm Fathom SEO is sponsoring a copywriting webinar on March 21, 2007. The 90-minute webinar titled "How To Write High-Performance Copy That Multiplies Leads and Sales" will be hosted by world-renowned copywriter Herschell Gordon Lewis. The event is presented by What's Working NOW, Conference Call University and VCall. The program is $119 and comes with a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee of satisfaction. The first 25 registrants will receive a free 128MB What's Working NOW USB pen drive.

Through her company next STEPH, Stephanie M. Cockerl has launched an online class titled SEO for Webmasters". Web designers and programmers may join for an extensive course in search engine optimization, on which they can learn what to do in order to maximize their clients' search engine presence. The course is $99,99 and covers website architecture, inbound link discovery, title tag and meta tag implementation, registering in the search engines and other related topics.

Technopole Website Services and the Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC) will offer a Free web design seminar beginning March 23rd at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS). The seminar is targeting small business owners, community organizations, non-profits, entrepreneurs and will cover the basics of domain name selection and registration, basic web design principles and practices, and finally ways to increase traffic to web sites through optimization for search engines.

London, UK will also host the eMetrics Summit to be held 29-30 March, 2007. Marketing managers, web analysts and business intelligence experts will meet at Hotel Russell to get acquainted with the latest techniques and technologies, which help optimizing your total marketing value. 19 sessions will cover a diversity of issues for achieving online marketing success, including measurement of online business performance, customer management and email marketing.


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