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WebGuild Presents Searchnomics 2007 Conference June 27

by Maria Mitsova
May 07, 2007

Web and Internet marketers will gather in Santa Clara, CA on June 27, 2007 for the largest search event - Searchnomics 2007 Conference.

The Santa Clara Convention Center is where businesses, customers and search industry leaders will meet for cutting-edge knowledge, best practices and trends in search engine marketing, search engine optimization, design and development, branding and promotion, web analytics, innovations and opportunities.

Searchnomics is a must-see event for all web and Internet marketing professionals. Through the networking events at the conference, the attendees will have the chance to gain a better exposure for their websites and businesses, and learn and get access to top search industry experts.

As part of the conference, WebGuild will present its brand new Search Engine Website Awards recognizing leadership, outstanding achievement, and innovation in the search engine industry. All search engine websites can participate in the contest for free.

Websites evaluation will be based on content, authority, navigation, design, accessibility. The winners will be selected by a panel of judges comprised of industry professionals and nominations received for each search website.

The WebGuild is the leading forum for internet professionals providing programming that fosters learning, professonal development, and networking for engineers, usability & user experience professionals, designers, internet marketers, IT managers, search engine marketers, and entrepreneurs to learn about emerging technologies, innovations, business models, and best practices and industry standards in the web field.


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