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Value is the most important part of SEO 2.0

by Elena Velikova
February 18, 2008

Primarily, the web content was static but gradually it acquired new and different appearance. Sites became not only dynamic and interactive but more comfortable and easier for utilization. All these innovations were offered by Web 2.0.

Fundamentally, Web 2.0 is a concept which the World Wide Web has evolved. On its platform users control their data. When professionals talk about Web 2.0 they actually mean interactivity. User generated content (or “participation” in Web 2.0 terms) is getting increasingly common. This is the “social” side of the web. MySpace, YouTube, Digg.com, Wikipedia are entirely user generated content sites where the user is managing the data.

The key “pillars” of SEO 2.0: presentation, outreach, participation, recognition, value, trust and authority are crucial for owners, bloggers and businesses who want to establish steady presence in Internet and to successfully take part in the current web. Tadeusz Szewczyk, SEO expert at the German company onreact.com defined and explained his based on practice theory about the “7 pillars of SEO 2.0” on the company's blog.

He assessed value as the most important part of SEO 2.0, adding that without value all of the other pillars can't be used. “Only free access to a created value makes it valuable for the Internet community. Value that is only accessible via payment does not count.”, he stated. Both value and trust can be achieved by providing reader with useful content. According to the expert, communication is the foundation of SEO 2.0. Uninterrupted interaction with your audience will create trust in your business.

He also recommended users to set up their web presence not only by building own web sites, but also by making it possible to appear wherever it is relevant to their business, interests and scopes. As an example he pointed that professionals have to be on LinkedIn.

Recognition plays vital role for the creation of distinguishable identification throughout Internet. This might include symbols like logo, avatar and names over different platforms and media, claimed Szewczyk.

The final pillar, Authority can only be achieved when you constantly strive to it in compliance with all other pillars.

In conclusion, Web 2.0 accomplishes a new stage in the development of WWW, characterized with active participation and creation of the Internet by all its users, and adhering to the above mentioned seven pillars makes the forecast for the future of Internet seem more optimistic.


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