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PromotionWorld Launches its Own Social Network at Facebook

June 23, 2008

PromotionWorld.com presents its Social Network Page at Facebook. Recently, we thought of how we could further reach and engage our readers more deeply and what we could improve so our audience to be able to get the most out of PromotionWorld website. Since most Web users use social network sites to find information, friends, and entertainment, our team at Promotionworld is inclined to focus its efforts on exploiting this new arena. As a response to the constantly increasing demand for more interactivity, now we provide a medium for discussions, empowering our readers to socialize with each other and express themselves.

By creating the Facebook network page, our editorial staff is striving to get actively involved with social media in order to build closer relation with our readers. A key challenge for us is to find a natural way of starting conversation and achieving better visitors’ satisfaction. Moreover, we couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to create an open communication environment between our readers, SEM experts and at least our editorial team.

PromotionWorld.com daily covers a wide spectrum of topics on the increasingly important field of Search Engine Marketing. It represents a leading destination, which combines powerful technology with unique insights from the brightest minds in the SEM industry such as Scott Buresh, CEO of MediumBlue, Roger Janik, CEO of ServerSideDesign, Michael McVeigh, an Associate Director of Strategic Analysis at Zeta Interactive and many more.

While PromotionWorld.com is a source of valuable information, latest trends, news and insights, experts’ views and expertise, the Facebook page will serve to create a community of friends who want to convey their opinions and discuss topics with people sharing common interests.

Join us at Facebook!

PromotionWorld team


Social media facts and trends:

  • 2008 was expected to be an even bigger year for social networks than 2007, as the volume of traffic to social networking has increased exponentially.

  • Expect further growth in niche social networks that are targeted towards specific customer segments.

  • The ease of communication afforded by sites such as Facebook and Twitter has resulted in a cultural shift, as social media increasingly hits the mainstream.

  • As many users are starting to engage with more than one social networking site, there is an increasing number of aggregation tools available, such as FriendFeed, to enable users to monitor social networking activity more easily.

Source: www.e-consultancy.com, Social Media – Roundtable Briefing, June 2008


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Title: Social Media Marketing

July 8, 2008
Comment by precious

Yes I agree on you, there is a lot of help when you are one or a member of different social site, it will gain you more friends , traffic and back links as well. I will provide more opportunity for the people who are in cyber business.
Precious Anderson

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