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How to Get Followed on Twitter

November 11, 2008

Basically, Twitter is a micro blogging platform which lets you write short messages and share them with the world. The post updates must be less than 140 characters.

You can easily follow thousands of users listening in or entering into conversations conducted among multiple users at any point. You can use Twitter as a self-promotional and marketing tool by pushing out messages and capitalizing on the attention you are receiving from other users.

Indeed, Twitter might be very effective tool but it definitely involves an investment in time and attention. You have to be willing to participate in the community striving to get more and more twitter followers.

Rich Brooks, president of Flyte, gives some useful tips on how to build up your network by getting others to follow you. Watch the video and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter!


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Title: Follow Backs In Turn Will Get You More Followers

December 14, 2009
Comment by PrayMaddyMcCann

If You Follow Your Followers Back, You Build Up Your Twitter Reputation.

This In Turn Inspires Twitter Users To Follow You, Mention You And List You!

I Follow Everyone Back, So Follow Me!

Posting Your Twitter Link At The Bottom Of Your Comment Works Well Too, And It's Amazing How You Want To Automatically Follow Them Lol!

(So I'll Try It! Remember I Follow Back So It's All Good!)

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