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March 18, 2009

Believing that LinkedIn is the best medium to streamline the process of making expert connections, we've just launched the PromotionWorld LinkedIn Group. This group was formed in an effort to encourage online collaborations and further connect SEM professionals and novice to share ideas and online resources related to the search engine optimization industry.

We hope that the group will become a venue for online marketers and people interested in the latest developments and the best day-to-day tactics and strategies in the Search Engine Marketing realm.

The members of the group will not only build relationships in the search community, but will also have the opportunity to learn about and discuss topics like Social Media, Pay-per-Click, SEO, Online advertising, Affiliate Marketing, Content Management, Web 2.0, Analytics, and Usability.

Once you become a member of the group you can start debates, join discussions and help us shape the future of SEM.

So if you want to expand your professional network or just to keep abreast of the new marketing trends, join the group and explore the new opportunities that it will bring to you.

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The team at PromotionWorld



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