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Google Searchology Event: What has changed in search?

May 13, 2009

Yesterday Google hosted its second Searchology event and presented some updates and changes they have made in search. The first event, held two years ago, introduced Universal Search - a feature that blended results of different types (web pages, images, videos, books, etc.) on the results page. This time Google showed a preview of three new products and SERP improvements: Search Options, Rich Snippets and Google Squared.

Search Options
With Search Options, the results page gives you more options and new ways to interact with Google Search. It ultimately provides more useful results and a better search experience by helping you find what you need faster and easier.

Look at the video below for more details:

Google Squared
Another tool Google showed a preview yesterday is called "Google Squared."

Here is the Google's explanation of what Google Squared is:

“Unlike a normal search engine, Google Squared doesn't find webpages about your topic — instead, it automatically fetches and organizes facts from across the Internet.”

This product will be available in Google Labs later this month.

Rich Snippets
The third feature announced is "Rich Snippets," which will show more useful information from web pages in search results - things like user reviews and the cost of products.

"For example, if you are thinking of trying out a new restaurant and are searching for reviews, rich snippets could include things like the average review score, the number of reviews, and the restaurant's price range:"


For more details and coverage of the event, we have compiled a list of top posts and news that are worth reading:

1. Vanessa Fox's coverage of Google's Support for Microformats and Rich Snippets in Search Results

2. ReadWriteWeb talks with Marissa Mayer, VP Search Products and User Experience at Google. Here is the video interview.

3. Matt Cutts wrote on Search Options, Google Squared, and Rich Snippets, followed by What was new at Searchology?

4. Danny Sullivan, Live Blogging of Searchology

5. The official Google blog: More Search Options and other updates from our Searchology event

Let us know in the comments what your opinion on the new features is, and what would be their impact on SEO.


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