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Google Introduces New Search Engine for Retailers

November 05, 2009

Google has now entered the online retail space with the launch of Commerce Search, a new product described as a “search solution designed specifically with online retail enterprises in mind.”

Google Commerce Search brings some of Google’s best search innovations to retail sites, and promises to improve an ecommerce web site’s search and usability. It allows consumers to quickly find the products they are looking for. They can filter search results by category, price, brand or other attributes. Other great features are Google’s spell checker, query stemming and synonym matching.

E-store owners can add the new search engine to their web site, customize the interface, and highlight special products or connect related ones. The results can be easily tracked because the product is integrated with Google Analytics

The new product is hosted on the Google cloud, which means that site owners don't have to worry about the holiday traffic spikes.

If you would like to learn more about Commerce Search, Google has created a useful YouTube video that explains the basics:


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