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Oneupweb Study: Businesses to Strive for #1 in the Search Engines

by Milena Sotirova
February 18, 2005

Search engine optimization company Oneupweb released a new study dedicated to explain the benefit to being listed on the first three pages of Google results and first page on SERPs.

The SEO industry has been telling clients for years that very few searchers review more than the first three pages of search engine results.

This study confirms that higher positions sell better. Oneupweb reviewed data collected by its proprietary conversion analytics technology, ROI Trax®, to determine average increases in traffic and conversion rates occurring when sites move higher in Google search results.

The study, titled "Target Google's Top Ten to Sell Online," is unveiling why you have to optimize to reach the first page SERPs.

"There are no surprises here. That a site does better on Google's first three pages is conventional wisdom in our industry," says Lisa Wehr, president of Oneupweb.

While you can read the study and to explore this knowledge item completely, here I can give you some quick tips to reach the first page and even #1 result.

1) Prepare your site design to be SEO friendly - avoid frames, too much flashes and try to keep the website outlook industry related.

2) The URLs - it is preferably to end on .html and to contain at least 3 digits for better indexing.

3) Content update - make sure your site has always updated home page and newly created pages (the more the better).

4) Explore all traffic increase techniques that correspond to the search engine code of ethics.

5) Inform your users to keep them close to the site - make them your site fans. Release newsletters, provide news alert system and release your company news with every new product, service launch and site improvement. Install chat, toll free, and provide credible support.

6) Increase the level of your service and improve the way it is presented on the site. Remember: to be # 1 means quality - search for "promotion" in Google, Yahoo and MSN. PromotionWorld has also top positions on "web site promotion", "web promotion" and more. 

In Oneupweb's research is explained that the first month a site gets listed on Google's second or third page, a company can expect traffic generated from that keyword search to increase five times, from a previous average of nearly seven unique visitors per keyword to nearly 36. The second month after a site appears in Google, average traffic per keyword is more than 65 unique visitors, says the study.


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