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by Milena Sotirova
April 04, 2005

Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing Conference (www.firebird-marketing.com) will be held at Scottsdale Community College, Scottsdale, Arizona on April 22, 2005.

This search engine marketing event will discussing of how to utilize search engines and Internet marketing opportunities to help grow business.

The full-day seminar is aimed to educate and update everyone on the very latest Search and Internet Marketing issues. This one day conference is designed so that marketing specialists, business owners, and web designers can acquire the necessary skills to develop their search engine and Internet marketing skills.

For the second consecutive year, Scottsdale Community College is sponsoring the conference through its extension program.

The goal of search engine optimization and search engine marketing event is to educate the website owners how to increase customers, sales and profits through visibility within the search engines.

"We had a very successful conference last year and we are looking to expand on it," said Rob Loy the conference organizer.

Search engine marketing topics to be covered at the conference include the following: What is Search Marketing; Internet Marketing Options; Search Marketing Friendly Website Design; Linking Strategies: Who should be linking to your site; Outsource or In-house SEM/PR; Public Relations on the Web; ‘Real world' Case Studies and a Website Clinic.

The latest release from NiceToDoBusiness.com (www.nicetodobusiness.com) is aimed to show how to get website traffic at zero cost. From the company are aimed to answer the question how exactly that can be achieved.

"Well the secret is called "Viral Marketing". One of the most successful website in the world ‘Hotmail' used viral marketing to make it the worlds largest email service," said the company.

Mark Flavin from NiceToDoBusiness.com goes into the details of viral marketing and shows you how to implement some amazing techniques even if you are receiving no website traffic.

Today, one of the leading SEO companies, Oneupweb (www.oneupweb.com) announced the launch of a new trademark infringement monitoring tool. It is the last addition to already successful marketing analytics tool, ROI trax® http://www.roitrax.com.

The tool will benefit the companies that work hard to create strong, well-known brands with great reputations. Consumers use these brand names as keywords on search engines like Google, Yahoo! or MSN, hoping to research or buy those brands and need to be protected from trademark infringement.

"Every time someone intentionally or unintentionally hijacks your brand, a part of your brand equity diminishes," says Lisa Wehr, Oneupweb President. "Most marketing professionals don't realize what a problem this is."

The appeal of Oneupweb's new trademark infringement reporting tool is that it hunts through search engine results, reviews the pay-per-click ads and ferrets out instances of trademark infringement daily. The core of the tool functioning is to take snapshots that can be used as evidence to challenge the misuse of the brand.


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