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Increasingly Popular Social Site Proving To Be A Trendy Online Alternative

September 26, 2007; 01:42 AM
Los Altos, California -- When it comes to socializing online "keeping with the same age is all the rage." 40 year-olds talking to teens is creepy, and teens bugging adults is annoying. A recently launched site called fubar.com, with its bar-like atmosphere for 20 to 40-somethings, is proving incredibly popular in just a few short months. While Facebook hails itself as a social utility, fubar has quickly become a trendy alternative by establishing itself as the Internet's first online bar and happy hour.

Launched in July of 2007, fubar has brought together over one million people to make new friends and keep in touch with existing ones - all in the same social atmosphere you would find in a real bar. With over 4 million virtual drinks served since its virtual bar was opened, the buzz and activity on the site offers a unique experience that cannot be found anywhere else on the Internet.

"People go to Facebook to utilize, they go to fubar to socialize," says co-founder Mike Hedlund. "Facebook provides a user experience akin to being in a university library. fubar provides a user experience more like hanging out at a bar," To emphasize this bar atmosphere, fubar introduced the first online Happy Hour, where the site's look and feel become more festive and virtual drinks are half their virtual price. "Sponsoring a Happy Hour is like buying everyone a round of drinks at a bar," says Hedlund. "There is no better way to meet new people and have your '60 minutes' of fame in front of a million people from all over the world."

Some of fubar's innovative features include:

· Virtual drinks - users have exchanged over 4,000,000 virtual drinks such as beers, shots of alcohol, and champagne and drink 3,000 to 4,000 drinks per hour on the site.

· Happy Hour - buying the entire bar a round of drinks is the easiest way to meet users from all over the world. · Lounges - meeting spots where users can chat and hangout with a larger group while listening to music that can be requested to the various DJs on fubar

· Bouncers - community volunteers who monitor and moderate content and user behavior to keep fubar fun and safe

· MUMMs- fubar's version of an advice bartender. MUMMs (Make Up My Mind) allow users to post questions to the entire community and receive instant advice and feedback; from which outfit to wear tonight to whether one should dump their significant other or not.

· Virtual IDs - users can voluntarily confirm their identity by uploading identification photos.

"Our mission is to provide an environment where users can just have fun independent of their educational background or work history," says Hedlund. "One of the main reasons people go to places like bars in the real world is specifically to get away from these elements of their lives. Unlike Facebook, you don't have to know anyone to have a good time on fubar. You can hang out with your friends or meet new ones at any time."

For more information or to join go to: www.fubar.com

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