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Sarah Etter Brings Content and Social Marketing Prowess to ALC’s Growing Remarketable

ALC announces the hiring of Sarah Etter as Director of Content Marketing for Remarketable

April 20, 2017; 10:28 AM

Princeton, NJ (PRWEB) April 20, 2017 - The first quarter of 2017 was one of tremendous growth for ALC’s Remarketable, the one remarketing platform specifically geared to turn web browsers into buyers. Today, ALC announces that they’ve added Sarah Etter as Director of Content Marketing for Remarketable, effective March 27, 2017. Sarah will be a critical member of the growing marketing organization, helping that team ideate and implement strategies to increase Remarketable’s presence cross-channel.

Remarketable, an ALC Smart Data Solutions Company (http://www.alc.com), enables high-performing customized retargeting communications – to both known and anonymous website visitors – via direct mail, email, digital display, social media, mobile, IVR and programmatic TV. With a proprietary, patent-pending, privacy-compliant multichannel communications and optimization platform, Remarketable leverages the same “intent-to-buy” web browsing behavioral data deployed in display retargeting – integrated with a comprehensive universe of 3rd party data. Remarketable makes it possible for companies to:

  •     Uncover fresh sources of prospective customers by identifying and targeting anonymous website traffic.
  •     Integrate a wealth of intent-to-buy web browsing behavioral data with a comprehensive universe of demographic, psychographic and trigger data.
  •     Drive personalized, high-performing, and continuously improving campaigns across multiple channels.

Prior to arriving at ALC, Ms. Etter was a Senior Content Strategist at EPAM Systems, where she worked with clients to plan, create, and publish content across digital and print platforms and channels. She also served as the Associate Director of Strategic Marketing at Drexel University and was a Senior Editor for Monetate, where she wrote, edited, and curated content.

"I’m very thankful to have the opportunity to join the Remarketable team at such an exciting time," said Ms. Etter. "There’s a lot of enthusiasm surrounding Remarketable and what it can do, so now we have to translate that enthusiasm to our content and our messaging as we work towards building brand awareness and evangelizing the platform’s power and potential to disrupt the market."

In her new role, Ms. Etter will be tasked with planning, developing and executing an extensive content marketing strategy for Remarketable. In addition to helping increase Remarketable’s visibility within the highly competitive marketplace and drive the brand’s media presence, she will also be involved with crafting and refining the brand’s core messaging and coordinating brand outreach.

"Sarah is an excellent addition to the Remarketable team, and she brings a tremendous amount of creativity that will propel the brand and help us to stand out among the competition," said Andrew Fegley, President of Remarketable. "She has a unique strategic approach to creating content that will really resonate and allow us to bring awareness of the Remarketable brand to a much broader audience."

About ALC

Founded by Donn Rappaport in 1978, ALC has grown to become the leader in the field of data-driven marketing. ALC’s proprietary customer acquisition and data monetization platform deploys leading-edge data marketing products and practices to enable its clients—including the leaders in virtually every category of business—to grow, increase market share and maximize bottom-line profitability through the innovative use of data. The company employs some 200 data marketing professionals in its Princeton, NJ headquarters and in eight sales, marketing and account management locations around the country. Over the past 38 years, ALC has generated more than $4.6 Billion in NET incremental data monetization income for its clients and partners. For more information, visit http://www.alc.com and http://www.alcdigital.com.

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