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CoSchedule Launches Social Message Optimizer: First Of Its Kind Tool Helps Marketers Immediately Craft More Insanely Engaging Social Media Messages

May 12, 2017; 02:27 AM

ISMARCK, ND (PRWEB) - CoSchedule, the #1 marketing calendar for everything you need organized, unveils the Social Message Optimizer, a new, free and instant online evaluation tool that enables every marketer to create powerful social messages that convert. The innovative service, available to the public, takes the guesswork out of writing amazing social media posts by scoring messages for every social network, before posting.

Emerging as a premier thought leader in content and social media marketing, CoSchedule provides professional marketers (and their teams) a centralized productivity platform to plan, promote, and execute on their entire marketing strategy. CoSchedule’s release of the Social Message Optimizer enables visitors to instantaneously create powerful social messages that stimulate engagement, build trust, and drive traffic. Similar to CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer, which since its launch in 2014 has helped improve nearly 8 million headlines, the free Social Message Optimizer scores messages according to best practices and research-driven data -- allowing users to quickly test, tweak, and re-test content for every social media platform.

Every day, over a billion new items of content are shared just on Facebook alone. With so much noise, it’s increasingly difficult for companies to garner their followers’ attention. Making matters worse, every social platform is unique -- what works on LinkedIn, most likely flops on Instagram. As social networks become increasingly inundated, marketers are finding customized messages, optimized for each channel, are the most effective way to ensure they capture more eyeballs, connect with their audience, and ultimately convert.

Garrett Moon, CEO and Co-Founder of CoSchedule, says, “We find that every business, regardless of size, is desperately searching for the best ways to engage their followers. With the Social Message Optimizer, we had a unique opportunity to develop a first of its kind tool that not only provides marketers an immediate benchmark but also reveals the mechanics behind the most engaging messages.”

"The new CoSchedule Social Message Optimizer improves your social results with the power of science!” says Jay Baer, New York Times best-selling author and digital marketing celebrity. “Plus, it's super easy to use, with or without a lab coat."

About CoSchedule
CoSchedule is the industry’s #1 marketing calendar for everything you need organized. This popular web-based app serves 8,000 customers worldwide, helping marketing professionals plan, promote, and execute on their entire marketing strategy from one place. Named one of the top five startups in Tech. Co's 2016 Startup of the Year Competition, the company operates two offices in Bismarck and Fargo, N.D., and is the fastest-growing startup in North Dakota.

The company is adding approximately 1,500 new users weekly. Free 14-day trials of CoSchedule’s marketing calendar are available at https://coschedule.com/signup. More details about Social Message Optimizer (https://coschedule.com/social-message-optimizer) can be found here.

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