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Top Trends in Digital Analytics That Will Dominate 2018 | Quantzig

August 10, 2018; 04:37 AM

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Quantzig, a global analytics solutions provider, has announced the completion of their latest article on the top trends in digital analytics that will dominate 2018.

In this digital era, social, mobile, and cloud, analytics, and associated data technologies have emerged as core business disruptors. The obtainability of data is what makes the difference between conventional channels like TV or print media and digital channels. Therefore, digital analytics plays a very important role in providing an edge to the digital marketers by helping with well-organized data analysis. Slowly, organizations are getting transformed into data powered organizations from data generators and that is one of the reasons why digital analytics marketing will become a core business disruptor in the upcoming years.

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According to the analytics experts at Quantzig, “Digital analytics plays a crucial role in providing an edge to the digital marketers by helping with efficient data analysis.”

Top trends in digital analytics that will dominate 2018

  • The rise of cloud analytics: Cloud analytics is going to arise as a significant arm of digital analytics in the upcoming days. It will help firms with various analytics competencies like planning, exploring, forecasting, visualizing, preparing, collaborating, simulating and managing the data through common logic. SaaS or Software as a Service helps businesses in revolutionizing a smooth experience for the user with a common user experience. This will help the organizations to decrease their total cost of ownership in analytical requirements. This will subsequently lead to a rise in ROI by three to five times. Request a demo to know more about our portfolio of analytics solutions.
  • Big data going to rule: Big data will one day help businesses to reveal insights that’ll help reduce costs and maximize customer satisfaction. In the future, it is going to be one of the smartest digital analytics marketing tools. One of the biggest worries of any organization is the management of massive data volumes resourcefully. And this is where big data is going to enter as a solution provider for the companies. Get in touch to know more about how we can help you analyze the latest digital analytics trends.
  • Machine learning to be bailed out: There will be rapid growth in the role of AI and automation technology in decision making. This technology will have an important influence on digital analytics in the future as it will help in deriving insights from a large volume of data. This technology will also help data scientists to gain scalable insights into smart business processes and applications.
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Quantzig is a pure-play analytics advisory firm concentrated on leveraging analytics for prudent decision making and offering solutions to clients across several industrial sectors.

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