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Introduce New Technology: Open Source for File Encryption - Encryption software

by John dest July 02, 2008
TrueCrypt - Free Open-Source On-The-Fly Disk Encryption Software for Windows Vista-XP, Mac OS X and Linux

5 Steps To Transfer A Website With Minimum Downtime

by Foong W.K. February 12, 2008
A step by step guide to transfer a website from one web hosting provider to another with minimum downtime.

Five Ways to Optimize Your Website for Universal Search

by Tony Baker August 06, 2007
With everything from pictures to videos showing up in the regular search engine results, you need to make sure to optimize more than just your website landing page. Images, videos and articles are all parts of your site that could be working harder, if you just knew what to do with them. Here are five tips to help universal search work for you.

Your Website is Your Front, Use It Carefully

by Neil Parnham August 03, 2007
A customer walks into the store, browses through products and shelves, picks up items, inspects, considers the prices, chooses a product and takes it to the cash register to pay. Now if you want to sell your products online, then your site must be enabled for e-commerce, where you must have the following features:

Tips To Increase Website Conversions

by Ben Euporian July 25, 2007
Commercial websites typically have a conversion rate between 1% and 3%. Here are several tips to help you increase the number of website browsers who become buyers.

Royalty Free Stock Photography for Web Design

by Sharon Housley July 11, 2007
Stock photo websites allow webmasters, marketers and publishers to locate pictures for their marketing and promotional materials without the hassle of organizing a photo shoot. With copyright laws businesses must be very careful in using unlicensed photos.

5 Best Ways To Make Your Website Visible To Search Engines

by Frank Stoczko May 21, 2007
Every website owner needs to make sure their website is visible to search engines but it's a task that is easier said than done. Here are 5 of the best ways to make sure your site is visible to the major search engines.

How to Really Make Money on Ebay

by Jinger Jarrett April 12, 2007
Although a lot has been written about using Clickbank and Google Adsense to make money, little has been written on how to make money from Ebay. Ebay is one of the most lucrative affiliate marketing programs on the internet, paying up to 65 percent of their revenues. Learn how you can make money marketing the Ebay affiliate program.

7 Top Tips for Affiliate Business Success

by Jinger Jarrett April 04, 2007
If you're starting your first online business, the easiest to start is an affiliate business. Like any other business, an affiliate business needs to be different for you to make the sale. These seven tips will show you how to differentiate yourself from the rest of the affiliates marketing the same program and help you make the sale.

Must know tips for redesigning your website the right way!

by Rajesh Tavakari March 30, 2007
Out with the old, in with the new - must know tips for redesigning your website the right way.

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