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Website Traffic Secrets - 7 Ways To Get New Buyers Everday

Discover my amazing website traffic secrets that will send influx of targeted visitors to your website fast.

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by Michael Chimik
April 14, 2011

Michael Chimik

Michael Chibuzor is an seo professional and a prolific author. You can visit his website at http://www.blast4trafficnow.net or read his latest search engine optimization tips on his site.

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Traffic is the life-wire of any online business. You can't succeed online without attracting the right kind of prospects to your online offers. No matter how fantastic your sales copy is, without eyeballs gazing at it, making money could be history. With a bunch of targeted traffic, you can make money online by accident. In this website traffic secrets, I want to share with you my top 7 ways to attract new buyers every single day.

(1).  Business Cards
your business card is a powerful marketing tool. If you've not thought about using it to get the right kind of prospects, then start right away. Put your website link very boldly on the back and encourage prospects to visit your site to get a free course, e-books, membership access etc. since these people are first time prospects, don't let them leave just like that, capture their email address so that you can follow up on them later with your offers. That's how successful businesses are being done over the internet.

(2). Special Clubs
You can create a special birthday or get together club for your beloved ones. In the process, offer them a gift when they visit your website. Make sure your website has the necessary tools to capture their personal details so you can add them to your mailing list. This is very crucial to your success; remember!

(3). Search Engine Optimization

I won't fail to mention this method. It's a great strategy to drive the right traffic to your website daily. Make sure you optimize your website with the right keywords that your target prospects search for. Ideally, you should target the long tail keywords to be able to rank on Google Top 10 easily.

(4). Offer A Community
Find an easy to set up community where you can include your website link. Ning is a fantastic site that allows you to create a community of your own and network with friends and colleagues. Encourage them to visit your website and when they do, you know what to do as in the above; capture their email address stealthily.

(5). Use A Sandwich Board
Have you got a retail location, why not utilize the space provided to advertise your website or blog? It's a wise thing to do. You should be able to formulate a great call to action so that customers in the store can easily visit your website to check it out. You might even make a sale in the process of them visiting.

(6). Utilize Retail Packages
Do you ship items? That is a great promotional item. While doing that, include a promotional gift to your recipients and tell them they can only get it when they visit your website and opt in. immediately they do that, redirect them to download their gift for free.

(7). Use What You've Got
I know you have got a lot of friends on your outlook email, facebook fans, Gmail, Yahoo and AOL. Simply send them a personal email asking them to visit your website to get a free stuff. I bet you it works because I have tried it several times. Once you can utilize these methods, getting traffic to your website is made simple and fun too.


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